(Review)Justice League: DC Comics Cinematic Universe Is Alive And Well!

(Review)Justice League: DC Comics Cinematic Universe Is Alive And Well! Between the two comic book publishers, Marvel and DC, Marvel has almost always produced quality films and has now established an incredible cinematic universe. Unfortunately, DC Comics has had trouble in the past with their films which has led to a series of reboots. Finally with the release of Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and ...[Read More]

Why I Loved Batman vs Superman

Why I Loved Batman vs Superman Where to begin! So much has been said about this film since critics gave their less than favorable reviews. When the general public saw it, the opinion swayed to a more positive outlook and now it’s practically a choice between either loving it or hating it. No joke, having a civil discussion about the pros and cons about the film is similar to a Bernie Sanders...[Read More]

San Diego Comic-con Recap 2015

San Diego Comic-con Recap 2015  (Image from ) San Diego Comic-Con is without a doubt the Wrestlemania of comic cons. Cosplayers, geeky media fans, aspiring writers, aspiring artists and so many others flock from all across the globe to attend the convention for four days. Tickets this year sold out in less than 55 minutes, unfortunately because Geek Lyfe is still an indie blog we were not able to ...[Read More]

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