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Shazam is Wholesome, Fun, and Exactly What DC Comics Needed!

There is a superhero that has long been on the back burner of DC Comics‘ roster just waiting to come out and showcase their acts of heroism. This hero is named Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel. While most other DC films are about well known Justice League members, Shazam comes from left field and brings desperately needed fun to the otherwise grim universe of DC Comics. We all have a...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Takes on San Diego Comic-Con

What’s up, Saint coming at you! This past weekend Deegan and  I was fortunate to attend the ever praised and raved about San Diego Comic-Con: the biggest and raddest comic convention around. Even if you are not a raging geek that is avid in the Comic-Con community, you know about San Diego Comic-Con. It is by far the most massive convention to date with the highest amount of attendees, and dare I ...[Read More]

Fun Suits for the Professional Geek!

Hey everyone, Cheshsmiles here! This week I had the pleasure of trying out Fun.com’s DC Comic’s Vintage Print Blazer and matching Pencil Skirt. The outfit is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to impress while still rocking their inner comic book fiend! The sleek black exterior of the slimming skirt and fitted blazer presents a professional outer appearance, while the colorful inner lining disp...[Read More]

(Review)Justice League: DC Comics Cinematic Universe Is Alive And Well!

(Review)Justice League: DC Comics Cinematic Universe Is Alive And Well! Between the two comic book publishers, Marvel and DC, Marvel has almost always produced quality films and has now established an incredible cinematic universe. Unfortunately, DC Comics has had trouble in the past with their films which has led to a series of reboots. Finally with the release of Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and ...[Read More]

Interview: Anthony Piper, the Creator of Trill League

Interview: Anthony Piper, the Creator of Trill League I have always been a huge fan of comic books as they are a cornerstone of geek culture with legends such as Wonder Woman, Spider man, Batman, Superman, and so many others. Of DC and Marvel, I must say that I do heavily favor the work of DC Comics more so than Marvel due to such vibrant villains like The Joker,  Lex Luther, Darkseid, Sinestro. H...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Lunar Lyn

Cosplayer of the Week: Lunar Lyn Lunar Lyn is a cosplayer that I have admired for such a long time. I remember seeing her run around in various cosplays on the convention floor but never realized such amazing costumes came from the same person! It wasn’t until I traveled to Anime Expo in 2016 with Deegan Marie and helped her with a photo shoot that I actually got to meet Lunar Lyn.  Obviousl...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Lucky Diamond Cosplay

Cosplayer of the Week: Lucky Diamond Cosplay We have a fantastic cosplayer for you this week, her name is Lucky Diamond and she is a cosplayer from Arizona! She typically cosplays as her favorite DC comic book characters but also delves into other genres! I’ve met her multiple times at various conventions and she is always so kind and welcoming. I highly recommend you check out her content o...[Read More]

Can Women Be Superheroes?

Can Women Be Superheroes? By Mary P. Since 1944, there have been 76 Marvel and DC related movies. By 2020, there will be 17 more. Out of all 93 of these movies, 4* feature a woman as the main character. We all know the failures of Elektra and Catwoman, both coming in at a whopping 10% and 9%, respectively, on Rotten Tomatoes. Mansplainers everywhere use these epic flops as proof that female-led su...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of The Week: Maddy Kay

Cosplayer Of The Week: Maddy Kay This week we have a great cosplayer by the name of Maddy Kay! She comes from the Northwest cosplay scene and has such a fantastic attitude about everything. I was so grateful to get to talk with Maddy about her self and her cosplay. You can tell that her quality of work improves with each and every costume she makes and I am stoked to see how talented she becomes d...[Read More]

Supergirl Is Pretty Dope!

Supergirl Is Pretty Dope! Recently I watched the complete crossover event on CW involving Arrow(Non powered heroes), Flash(Hero with super speed), Legends of Tomorrow(Group of heroes who travel through time), and Supergirl(An alien who gains incredible powers with exposure to our sun) and enjoyed it. Without spoiling much, it gave fans a fight between aliens and super heroes, leaving the fate of t...[Read More]

Cosplayer Of the Week: BearsRawr Cosplay

Cosplayer Of the Week: BearsRawr Cosplay Wam! Bam! We have another dope cosplayer for you this week by the name of BearsRawr Cosplay! She hails from the North West corner of the US in Washington! I could not help but notice her charm and goofiness in all of her photos which drove me to ask her for an interview about her and her cosplay! Although her following may be small, I can already tell she&#...[Read More]

Review: Suicide Squad

Review: Suicide Squad by Nichole Nance I’ll be honest when I say that I did not have very high hopes for this movie. As a long time fan of Joker and Harley and having been recently introduced to the Suicide Squad thanks to DC Comics’ New 52 comic series, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when the first reveal of the cast came out last year. To this day, I personally believe a majority of the costume desig...[Read More]

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