The Geek Lyfe and Homies Raised Over $500 for Charity!

Hey friends! Darth Mexican here and I wanted to give folks an update on our most recent event: The Emerald Templars which was a two day D&D stream! As previously mentioned, we gathered some of our close friends, Schrei205, Chocozumo, Sincerely Sam, Kingdom of Ribbon, Bytes n Brews, The Final Boys, Lvckydiamond, and Cheshsmiles, and played Dungeons and Dragons! While we devoured pizza in between role playing and throwing dice, we helped raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

A ton of viewers came out of the wood works to help donate and we are so grateful to everyone who helped make this production great! Shout out to Crafty Chica and Rob of Bytes n Brews for donating equipment for the event as well as Saint and Grinny Weasley for being our Twitch moderators for the weekend. Folks had a blast watching us be nerds, and highlights included trying to both save and kill Jasper, who was Sincerely Sam’s fictional wolf friend named after her real dog!

Watch Cheshsmiles goes full evil. from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Thankfully Jasper survived and everyone rejoiced! However, the same can not be said for many of our guests’ characters. The viewers got to vote on Twitter to decide if the guests live, die, or betray the group. Not so surprising, the viewers chose to have a string of betrayals causing friends to become foes at the drop of a dime.

During the breaks we all gathered together to share our favorite stories and hang out!

Watch Story time! from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Watch Story Time Part 2! from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Please do take the time to check out all of our wonderful guests and helpers!

The Final Boys
Bytes n Brews
Lvckydiamond Cosplay
Kingdom of Ribbon
Alex Saint
Sincerely Sam
Grinny Weasley
The Crafty Chica

I legitimately am so grateful to everyone who participated in this charity event whether they donated or role played. Helping those in need is always such a top priority for me and I am so glad cherished friends were able to come and help out! We will absolutely be doing this again later this year! At the end of the day we raised $547 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

If you missed out on the live stream, no worries, you can still check out the recordings on our Twitch channel by clicking below!

Watch Charity D&D Stream Act 1 from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Watch D&D Charity Stream – Act II from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Watch Act III from The_Geek_Lyfe on

Watch Final Act! from The_Geek_Lyfe on

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