The S.A.L.E.M. Series is Coming Soon from the Brilliant Mind of Sincerely Sam!

Sincerely Sam is a dear friend of ours and one of the most talented content creators in the industry! She has her hands in art, web comics, books, jewelry, and so much more! On top of handling all of that she always makes time to hang out with us and support our events. Most recently, she was part of one of our Charity events! That is why we are so excited to tell you about her upcoming project called The S.A.L.E.M Series!

Cryptozoology is the study of the unknown, but what happens when you are the unknown? The story follows a confused cryptid named Salem. Growing up under the impression that she was a boogeyman, her world is shifted upon the discovery she had been lied to.

No one knows what she is.

Wishing to discover her origin, Salem sets off with the aid of an enchanted book to discover her true self. Upon her adventures, Salem is joined by the help of a wanna-be cryptid photographer named Oliver and Petra; a physic medium terrified of ghosts. With magical aid and plenty of energy drinks, the trio sets off on a monster hunt.

The book they travel with contains the secrets of cryptids and legends such as The Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, Nightwalkers, and other great North American myths.

By using the book, they are able to categorize the different cryptids in order to discover what Salem truly is. But not everything is what it seems, as danger may lurk within the pages of the book itself.

Sincerely Sam is in the middle of putting together a Sizzle Reel involving animators, voice actors, and so much more! Sincerely Sam provided us incredible work in progress concept art and official designs of the series!

What makes Sincerely Sam so wonderful is that she knocks whatever project she is working on out of the park. This is a project you’ll want to keep your eyes on and support! If you want to her out, be sure to follow The S.A.L.E.M. Series on Instagram, Facebook, and more!

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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