Twitch: Streamer receives $12,000 in donations

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Twitch: Streamer receives $12,000 in donations

Twitch: Streamer receives $12,000 in donations

Many of us geeks out there look to top streamers and wonder just how profitable they are. Well, recently released a video showing just how much money in donations a popular Twitch Streamer, lolRenaynay, receives by recording her stream for an extended period of time and adding the amount. If their math is correct, she received $12,000 in donations. Here is the video they posted:

Twitch streamer lolRenaynay receives $12,000 in… by GamerMotion

Can you imagine receiving so much money from playing video games for all the world to see? Granted, anyone who has actually streamed before knows that it is not an easy task and at times it’s very much like a real job except you have trolls wandering in to comment on your appearance and spout the nastiest of comments before being banned and creating a new account to do it all over again.

Even so! $12k is a mighty fine paycheck to deal with the stress and harassment. It’s incredible that in this day and age, geeks are no longer limited to a select few career choices but are able to forge their own path with use of Youtube and Twitch. And they always said we’d be wasting our time and go no where in life by playing video games.

Be sure to check out Gamer Motion, the original posters of this video! Also check out this lovely lady gamer, lolRenaynay who is a great person and dedicated to her craft of streaming. Just uh, mind your bills when donating incredible amounts of money to her.

What do you think about everything? 

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