Why Every Disney Fan Needs to Go to D23 Once in Their Lives

Hey guys! Tidesiren here and I thought I would make a point in talking about something SO important, something SO amazing that it deserves a second look.

D23 Expo!

As you all know, my most previous visit was also my first and that was back in the summer of 2017. Less than two weeks after Anime Expo, and less than a week before San Diego Comic Con, Disney took over the Anaheim convention center, next to its parks, for the ultimate Disney fan experience, giving con attendees almost no rest in this exciting month of con-going! D23 gives us an Expo to remember once every two years, but did you know they never get a year off? The off-year for us is the year they have their expo in Japan! In a convention event with so much to see for the coming year of Disney, Anaheim, California is one of two places in the world where all of the sneak peaks happen and every other year, that exclusivity is shared with the other side of the ocean!

With how Marvelous the show is now, you’d think it would be a long time coming.


The idea of Disney 23 was actually introduced at the company annual meeting in March of 2009 by Robert Iger. Mentioning when Walt Disney came to Hollywood in the year 1923 with so little in the pockets of his mismatched suit, he still had a primary focus to connect with fans and put them right in the middle of the magic. And just like that, six months later in September, the first D23 Expo took place in the convention center right next to Disneyland.

Nine years have passed and whether the show be in Japan or California, it has never seize to amaze fans of all ages. D23 Expo regularly shows exclusive previews to upcoming Disney movies, displays live interviews with tv and movie actors and actresses, promotes vacation packages, introduces cruise line specials, exhibits movie costumes, sets, and props, parades through the building with smiling cast members dancing with your favorite characters, and presents layout dioramas of future park attractions and or add-on whole park sections.

Just in 2017, I remember the line to see the new layout plan for the Star Wars Universe addition to the parks, Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore in live interviews, the first look at Incredibles 2 as well as Coco and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit, meeting Traci Hines, and seeing Colin O’Donoghue’s ruggedly handsome face briefly smiling at me as he passed by. Throw all this in with the absolutely lovely cosplays and cosplayers I had the opportunity to mingle with there, and I had the dream-come-true weekend!

D23 is the ultimate Disney fan experience, no matter what warms your heart in the memories you have, you’re sure to rediscover the magic in what you love with all things Disney at D23! And at the 10 year anniversary this August, as well as the year of the new Frozen movie coming out, you can bet you’ll see me there taking part!

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