10 Black Kings and Queens of Cosplay Vol 1.

Cover photo by Chocozumo

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so very much for being here today! We’re gonna highlight the hard work and talent of 10 incredible, fantastic, outstanding, amazing black cosplayers from coast to coast. Our list is not in any particular order and these are not the end all be all but merely a taste of some beautiful human beings.

Please give them all of the love and support they deserve for putting their heart and soul into their craft! We adore them all and so much fun getting to appreciate their creations over the years! We are absolutely looking to do more articles that highlight good people, be on the look out for Volume 2 as well as other lists!



Cutiepie Sensei


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Hey lovelies!! I know some of you missed me at BlerDCon, but if you’re Atlanta based, I’ll be at an AWESOME video game and cosplay party next Friday night ♥️ There’s a costume contest with dope prizes and a light up dance floor (and actually good music) so definitely come through! Tickets are available through the link on my profile page (and not expensive at all)! . . . Dope photos of my Captain Marvel cosplay were taken by @candidjohnkim (I did edit them some but didn’t he kill it?!) For those of you that are new here, I made it myself for an episode of Marvel Becoming!! . . . . #marvel #captainmarvelcosplay #captainmarvel #blackcosplay #marvelcosplay #avengers #avengerscosplay #avengersendgame #marvelbecoming

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Utahime Cosplay


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“I’ll fight when the time comes, but that is when I have someone precious to protect.” Photo by: @aaron_lo_skinny Cosplay designed by: @angiviper Wig styled by: @alicianicolehairdesign Gideon(Warhammer) made by: @ubest_cosplay Contacts by: @honeycolor_official ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I was so excited to debut my Best Girl Diane @animeexpo! @angiviper made my cosplay dream come true not to mention that I got to cosplay with her as beautiful Merlin! Huge thank you to @aaron_lo_skinny for shooting me that day! I loved the photos from this set and can’t wait to share more! #diane #utahimecosplay #sevendeadlysins #serpentsin #envy #animeexpo2019 #dianecosplay #cosplaysenpai #animeexpo #funimation #anime

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Jets Cosplay






Sanet Cosplay


You Dont Even Cosplay


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You wake up in the middle of the night to see these two looking at you like this… whatchu gon’ do? ?

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The thing I love most about doing these features is getting to learn about amazing fellow geeks who are living their best life! Check out our other cosplayer highlights coming soon!

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