10 Black Kings and Queens of Cosplay Vol 1.

Cover photo by Chocozumo Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so very much for being here today! We’re gonna highlight the hard work and talent of 10 incredible, fantastic, outstanding, amazing black cosplayers from coast to coast. Our list is not in any particular order and these are not the end all be all but merely a taste of some beautiful human beings. Please give them all of the love and su...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Game2Hype

Cosplayer of the Week: Game2Hype There are many cosplayers in the community of Arizona, of them all there is one man that stands above them all. One man whose cosplays are so crisp, so clean, so smooth that ladies love him and guys adore him. He has been featured by a number of big name brands and has friends in the highest of places. This man is none other than Game2Hype. Does this name not ring ...[Read More]

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