Blizzard To Announce Next Warcraft Expansion

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Blizzard To Announce Next Warcraft Expansion


Blizzard To Announce Next Warcraft Expansion

Earlier this morning Blizzard announced that it’s next expansion would be revealed at Gamescom live-stream some time next week.

Many World of Warcraft fans, myself included, find it strange that their latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, only contained two major patches. Previous expansions contained a wealth of patches that stretched out the stoyline by adding new raids, dungeons, events and so much more. Unfortunately, since their third expansion, Cataclysm, the game has been washed down to embrace casual players. This move has back fired on the company drastically as many of the older WoW players openly reject the casual game play. Warlords of Draenor was promised to bring the franchise back to it’s roots and deliver savage gameplay, and to their credit, it delivered but only for a passing moment it seems. It’s only been eight months after launch and now there is talk of the next expansion?

It all seems so odd. Granted, Blizzard is still the king of Massively Multiplayer Online games but seems to have shifted their approach to future content. Instead of riding out an expansion, they seem to have a plan to release shorter content in shorter time to allow for the overall storyline to progress at a more rapid pace. While I can see the appeal as a huge fan of the lore, it feels very much like a cash grab. A normal WoW player spends $120 a year at minimum(this has changed with the new WoW token where you can play for free by using in game gold) and will now spend an additional $60 for the latest expansion. Another question is why would Blizzard announce this at another event other than their own Blizz Con coming later in the year? Many fans believe it could be to build hype and it certainly would. Still, it is all so strange.

Overall, I can see the appeal for faster content releases and I can see the drawbacks to this plan but whether it will help or hurt the franchise is something only time will tell. I for one am currently enjoying Warlords and pray that Murlocs become a playable race in one of the future expansions.


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