Product Review: AFK Cosmetics Attack on Titan Eyeshadow

OMG YOU GUYS. ATTACK ON TITAN MAKEUP. *flails hands* *Look at all the cute art on the lids! YOU CANNOT RESIST*

Cosplay: Poison Ivy

This is such a great Poison Ivy cosplay! I can’t believe I missed her at this year’s Phoenix Comic Con!  Character: Poison Ivy Cosplayer: TheAngiest ‘Poison Ivy photos taken by Steven Goldstein KeyHole Productions at Phoenix Comic Con 2014.’ Tumblr:

Cosplay: Tenzin

An incredible Tenzin cosplay! I’ve seen his other work and all of they are amazing as well! Character: Tenzin Cosplayer: Black Jiraiya Found on:

Cosplay: Raiden-Jeff Siegert

  Character: Raiden Cosplayer: Jeff Siegert Photos by Patrick Penu

Is a Dame to Kill For Worth Killing for?

It’s been 9 years since the first Sin City film came out and I have eagerly waited for the day when a sequel would be announced. When I first saw the trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For I nearly fainted. All the black and white mystery, sex, and violence was back! I counted down the days this summer and even made up a quick Sin City style cosplay to see it in(seen below *Hey guys nice to meet...[Read More]

Cosplay: Zantanna

This may just be my new all time favorite Zantanna cosplays! Princess Gigglesnort (Which is a great name by the way) Does a wonderful rendition of DC Comics famous spell slinger. This is more than worthy of a like on her page! Zantanna Cosplayer : Princess Gigglesnort Location : Seaport World Trade Center Event : Boston Comic Con

Cosplay: Harley Quinns Bus Adventures

    Harley Quinns Bus Adventures by JasDisney Twitter – Facbook – Official Website -

An incredible gender bend of the Joker by Texie Jo Cosplays

This rendition of Joker is one of the best I have ever seen! She did such a great job! Details on the Cosplayer and Photographer are listed below! “See the rest and more at Feel free to like and share just give credit. Distribution of prints are not allowed unless permission is given. Cosplayer: “

Why I love Jessica Nigri. One humble geek’s opinion on one of the world’s most famous cosplayers.

Why I love Jessica Nigri.   One humble geek’s opinion on one of the world’s most famous cosplayers. Jessica Nigri and a fellow cosplayer. In a recent conversation with a few friends, we discussed our excitement for the upcoming Phoenix Comic Con. It is the biggest local comic book convention in Arizona and my friends and I plan on doing everything! From attending panels to getting phot...[Read More]

Turn your costume party into a Welcome To Gotham dinner and be a hero.

Check out this table top on the Coco & Kelley website.  Turn yourHalloween party into a Welcome To Gotham dinner and be a hero.

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