Should You Attend Phoenix Fan Fusion?

Phoenix Comic Con, Phoenix Comic Fest, and now Phoenix Fan Fusion. This is the largest convention Arizona has to offer, and during 2016, it brought over 100,000 geeks into the Phoenix Convention Center. After a few unfortunate events, Phoenix Fan Fusion suffered a sharp decline in attendance. However, the amount of people who attend an event is no true measure of quality, as Anime Los Angeles is a...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe 2018 Staff Shoot

Every year we love to get the team together and take photos of everyone to celebrate another year of hustling and adventures! We hit up our homie Connor, AKA Chocozumo, for a shoot and asked The Grid for permission to be obnoxious during business hours! Thankfully, both of them agreed and we had a blast! If you are unfamiliar with The Grid, it is a barcade based in Mesa, Arizona, which features a ...[Read More]

Spring T Shirt Shoot w/ Deegan Marie Photography & Peachgirl Photography!

Over the years, The Geek Lyfe has worked with fantastic artists such as Sagauart and Sammie Scribbles to produce incredible T Shirt designs. You can check out right here on Teepublic! In order to properly highlight them, we decided to snag talented photographers including our own Chief Photographer Deegan Marie Photography and our homie Peachgirl Photography for a photo shoot! Remember when this h...[Read More]

Mort Productions Tackles Arizona Tattoo Expo 2018

By Mort Productions The sound of buzzing and overlapping genres of music from Rock to Rap are blaring through the air. Rows of tables with heavily tattooed and pierced faces peer up at me from everywhere. I’m at the Body Art Expo at the Phoenix Fairgrounds. Those tattooed faces? They’re smiling and welcoming showing off elaborate art pieces some on paper and some on skin. The tattoo experience is ...[Read More]

Demora Fairy’s Tracer Photo Shoot is Too Adorable!

Demora Fairy’s Tracer Photo Shoot is Too Adorable! I can not express to you just how much I love photography, granted while I, myself, am a mediocre photographer I constantly spend my free time admiring the work of so many others! One of which is DemoraFairy Photography who lives in the UK, not only is she a wicked awesome photographer but she also cosplays at the same time. When I first met...[Read More]

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