Super Girl Cosplay

Supergirl – DC Comics Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vayne Cosplay!

Cosplayer: Kira Hokuten

Incredible Cosplayer(and quite possibly the most awesome woman ever): Rosanna Rocha

This is Rosanna Rocha Cosplayer one of my all time favorite Cosplayers! “Grew up playing video games and looking at comics with the older bro. Expanded into anime and so forth. I love meeting new people, and new friends. It’s also great meeting new people who are into similar interests. Some of my cosplays consist of Mileena of Mortal Kombat, Starfire of DC Comics, Psylocke, ...[Read More]


I’ve decided to go to the Phoenix Comic Con this year and Cos play as a Sergeant of the Imperial Guard 😀 I’ll be sure to post pics on how I did it!

Arizona Comic Con Cosplay Contest!!!

COSPLAY CONTEST TODAYPRE JUDGING AT 11AM- CONTEST AT 3PM!!AMAZING ARIZONA COMIC CON! Featuring Jessica Nigri in her lollipop chainsaw outfit!!

Jessica Nigri, greatest cosplayer ever!

Jessica Nigri has to be my all time favorite cosplayer! Why? 1. She lives in Arizona 2. She is awesome 3. Cosplayed as Dovahkiin on the midnight release of Skyrim…I could go on and on for days…*sigh*…One day I will meet her! Till then i’ll just have to do my best to spread the word about her! To check out more of Jessica Nigri’s stuff head over to her website! Click c...[Read More]

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