Turn your costume party into a Welcome To Gotham dinner and be a hero.

Check out this table top on the Coco & Kelley website.  Turn yourHalloween party into a Welcome To Gotham dinner and be a hero.

Star Sapphire Cosplay

Star Sapphire by Margie Cox Photographed by Andrew Michael Phillips.

Wooooooooooooooooah, so awesome: Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay

This incredible cosplay was done by Cosplay by Sveneld; photography by Pugoffka-sama.

Harley Quinn cosplay

SallyJeannie [Facebook|deviantART|Youtube] as Harley Quinn Photography by E Photography


Batman ‘66, photographed by Sandman-AC

Another day, another Cosplayer I fall in love with…

Cosplayer Photo Submitted by candustark

Super Girl Cosplay

Supergirl – DC Comics Buenos Aires, Argentina

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