The Magic of the Phoenix Symphony

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here again and this time, I wanted to talk about a local wonder of The Phoenix Symphony so you may never think twice about and something worth experiencing. As sound organized in time, music has been a cultural pleasure since the beginning of time. Be it harmonizing with vocals or beats stomped and drummed, it has played a huge role in humanity’s growth to today. From cultu...[Read More]

Comic Con Palm Springs 2018 Review

Comic Con Palm Springs always does a fantastic job of bringing great times to geeks! This year was no different as they featured great guests, cosplayers, vendors, and more! Our writer, Tidesiren, traveled to California just for this event! Not to mention she was a featured guest! We are so proud of her! Comic Con Palm Springs took place at Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs California. The v...[Read More]

Tidesiren Takes on Dragon Con 2018

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here comin’ at you with another con review! This time, earlier this month, I got to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia! At $95 for a full 5 day membership (usually Thursday to Monday-including Labor Day), this convention takes over Downtown Atlanta and five of its main, most distinguished, hotels: the Sheraton, the Westin, the Marriott, the Hyatt, and the Hilton! With sk...[Read More]

Music Lyfe: Celtic Woman Concert Review by Tidesiren

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here once again. I wanted to take a stab at writing something a little different outside of my convention reviews and recommend a show in the arts. Twelve years ago, when I was twelve years old coincidentally, I remember flipping through the channels on our old television to get to 03 to watch a VHS, and being caught up instead in a PBS concert. I was caught in a trance and...[Read More]

WonderCon 2018 Blows Away Expectations Once Again!

Hey you guys, Tidesiren here! Deegan Marie, Cheshsmiles, and I got to attend WonderCon and I wanted to give my thoughts on the experience. WonderCon has been a successful member of the Comic Con event family for years and it only keeps growing in both size and attendance. Taking over the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California, this convention stretched far and wide, filling all five avai...[Read More]

Dreams Do Come True: Interviewing Stephen Cardenas the Red Ranger

I remember the days of old where the greatest joy that could be found was in an episode of Power Rangers. A villain of terrible power would come upon a small town with the intent of destroying any who stood in their path. In order to save innocents, a group of friends would use alien technology to become the Power Rangers and defend Earth. Despite encountering various conflicts that would sometime...[Read More]

Tidesiren Tackles Albuquerque Comic Con 2018!

Tidesiren Tackles Albuquerque Comic Con 2018! Hey everyone! Tidesiren and ready to go on all of the adventures 2018 has to offer! My first con of 2018? Why it would be none other than Albuquerque Comic Con in New Mexico! This is my second year attending Albuquerque Comic Con and I must say, it continues to get better and better! It was held again in the Albuquerque convention center except this ti...[Read More]

Review: Nan Desu Kan 2017

Review: Nan Desu Kan 2017 Hey you guys! Yep! I’m here again with another con review! After returning from Comic Con Palm Springs, I was immediately thrown back into travel for the next weekend to an anime convention in Denver called Nan Desu Kan, also known by locals as NDK. NDK was actually very similar to other anime cons I have attended, though the set-up was a little different. Much like...[Read More]

Tidesiren Tackles Comic Con Palm Springs!

Tidesiren Tackles Comic Con Palm Springs! Hey you guys! Tidesiren here with a review of the fantastic convention, Comic Con Palm Springs! It was nothing less than amazing! So much went into this convention for me and I am glad I came out of it from family and friends coming down to visit and so much more! I really felt like this event was so grand that I came out with a renewed love for cons and c...[Read More]

Staff Spotlight: Tidesiren

Staff Spotlight: Tidesiren Good day everyone! Last year we ran a number of articles featuring various staff members of Geek Lyfe to show who is providing that content you consume! I thought it would be a great time to bring that back as we have a number of staff who are brand new to the team! Starting off, you may or may not already know of this staff member because we have both featured them as a...[Read More]

D23 Expo 2017: The ULTIMATE Disney event for fans!

D23 Expo 2017: The ULTIMATE Disney event for fans! Hey you guys! Tidesiren here AGAIN! Life’s been one adventure after another so far and I know The Geek Lyfe has a huge part in it! This last weekend, I got to attend D23 Expo! D23 Expo is the ULTIMATE Disney fan event where, much like San Diego Comic Con, cosplayers, models, directors, artists, actors and actresses, and many others in media ...[Read More]

Tidesiren Tackles Denver Comic Con (Review)

Tidesiren Tackles Denver Comic Con (Review) Hey you guys! It’s Tidesiren again and this time I visited what Denver had to offer at Denver Comic Con! DCC is easily the biggest in the state so far and one of the largest conventions I have ever attended! The price for a three day weekend was $82.50 at max and sold out weeks before the event. The ticket price is lower than conventions of similar...[Read More]

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