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Horsemen of Tackle Emerald City Comic Con 2019!

Hello! Horsemen Of here, and we just got back from an incredible time at Emerald City Comic Con or ECCCCCCCC… (as we affectionately refer to it). Emerald is, hands down, one of our favorite conventions to attend. We look forward to it every year and even when we make a pact to try new conventions, we always end up back here! Why do we love this con so much? One of the main reasons we love it...[Read More]

You Need to Follow Horsemen Of!

My dear friends, I write to you all in the hopes of enriching your lives by bestowing upon you some incredible cosplayers, who go by the name Horsemen Of! These four human beings are some of the greatest cosplayers I have ever met. They constantly go out of their way to help others, improve themselves, and no matter what they are up to they always have a great time! We have worked with them in the...[Read More]

Horsemen Of Tackles Holiday Matsuri 2018

Ahh conventions, a place to forget about the real world, hang out with friends, meet new people, and just generally be surrounded by the things that make you smile. What could make this better you ask? The holidays! Enter Holiday Matsuri, a convention in Orlando, Florida, that takes all of the things you love about conventions and throws in the joy of Christmas and a whole lot of holiday cheer. Ho...[Read More]

Check Out Insomnia Falls Formal Ball!

Horsemen Of are one of our all time favorite cosplay groups due to their talent, genuine good nature, and ambition to always have a great time. During the weekend of Phoenix Comic Fest, they are helping us run the Networking and Nakama event in Downtown Phoenix at The Grand! In addition to that event, they are also hosting Insomina Falls Formal Ball, a cosplay ball at the same location’s bal...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Week: Frank and Nat’s Armory

It is rare in life that come across a person who is so pure hearted, talented, and wicked smart that you can not help but revere them. Now take that rarity and multiply it by four, the result is a cosplay group by the name of Horsemen Of! This group is a combination of two amazing cosplay couples, KnowOne’s Design and Frank and Nat’s Armory.  They pack so much creativity and incredible...[Read More]

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