Comic Con Palm Springs 2018 Review

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Comic Con Palm Springs 2018 Review

Comic Con Palm Springs always does a fantastic job of bringing great times to geeks! This year was no different as they featured great guests, cosplayers, vendors, and more! Our writer, Tidesiren, traveled to California just for this event! Not to mention she was a featured guest! We are so proud of her!

Comic Con Palm Springs took place at Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs California. The venue itself was large enough to allow for personal space for the various vendors and guests while not having everything so spread out so far that it was a hindrance. The location was great for a convention of their size and other than some air conditioning issues, it will be a good choice to use for the future!

As far as cosplay guests go, some Arizona homies were featured such as Sara Moni Cosplay and AmberSkies Cosplay! Other cosplayers included Maid of Might, Michael Wilson, Victoria Paige, SuperxLuigi, and more! A number of non cosplay guests were on the ticket from artists, actors, authors, producers, and more! To mention a few specifically, Xolo Mariduena, Brett Iwan, and Kevin Sussman!

The price for an all weekend pass was $50 with an option of upgrading to VIP status for a total of $100! For the VIP pass, you got priority seating for various panels and screenings. In addition to the seating, there were exclusive discounts and even two free kid passes along with the adult one. $50 for the entire weekend is a great deal for all of the events and guests Comic Con Palm Springs had to offer!

A unique aspect of this convention as opposed to others was that the Palm Springs International Animation Festival took place. It is already a fun weekend getting to be around fantastic cosplayers, artists, and other conventions goers, but then to also be able to view incredible animations is pretty rad!

Other notable events that took place were Sonic Speed Dating, Zombie walk, and Star Ship Academy! In one weekend, you could potentially find geeky love, pilot of star ship, walk with a horde of zombies, and watch animations!

Overall Comic Con Palm Springs hosted a great event and for the price of $50 it was well worth it! We recommend convention goers check it out in 2019!

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