Female Gamers: A Rant By Kalla

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Female Gamers: A Rant By Kalla


Female Gamers: A Rant By Kalla

I have feelings, you know thoughts and opinions, about other female gamers. Feelings I think are valid, of course, because they are mine,tumblr_niywkvpmfN1s0f4txo1_1280 and feelings I would like to share with everyone because you might find them valid too. As a female gamer, there is some discrimination and more importantly stereotypes I have had to deal with. No, I am not a femi-nazi, nor do I think that men are scum so let me just get THAT clear right now before you roll your eyes. I have personally encountered other gamers who do not think I am capable of something because of my lovely lady lumps. “I think we should find another healer, there’s no way she can raid heal this, I mean, there’s a lot going on and it needs to be done perfectly in this order” blah blah blah. I have also encountered numerous stereotypes, “You play league? You must support.”.

With all that being said, I see other female gamers deal with this as well, specifically female streamers. Everyone loooves to bash on the girl with the big hoot hoots playing league by demeaning
her game play because she is attractive.

OH YEAH BECAUSE IF SHE IS ATTRACTIVE OBVIOUSLY SHE DOESN’T ACTUALLY LIKE TO GAME SHE JUST WANTS ATTENTION AND MONEY.And you know what? More power to her. Maybe she doesn’t actually like to game. Maybe she is just using her looks to make money. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ENABLES HER TO DO THAT?

The people who donate two dollars to her so she is forced to see your derogatory comment. She’s the one who wins in the end. She just made two bucks reading some comment she is going to promptly forget in five minutes when she sees how much money she has made in donations that day.

That’s not what I’m getting at though. What I would really like to argue is that she actually does like to game. There are plenty of other ways for girls to make money streaming themselves in front of a camera, but they chose to do it this way. She chose to share her game play instead of her bare chest. She chose to stream league instead of, you know, other activities. Now why on Earth would she do that if she didn’t actually like to game? That’s an excellent question. I would also hope everyone considers that maybe attractive girls are the ones who tend to stream because they have the confidence to do so? Has anyone ever considered that?

In conclusion, just no. Just stop. Let her do her thing. If you’re watching because she’s cute or good at the game or both, great. If you’re watching her because you’re bored, great. If you’re watching her because she has a really cute cat, great. BUT STOP MAKING HER LESS OF A GAMER BECAUSE SHE’S ATTRACTIVE OR BECAUSE SHE’S AN ATTRACTIVE GAMER THAT STREAMS. Ladies, this applies to you too. Stop letting jealousy or other ugly emotions cause you to judge other girl gamers. We face enough of that without us turning on each other too.


Streamers featured in photos are http://www.twitch.tv/lolrenaynay and  http://www.twitch.tv/dexteritybonus/profile , both of whom are fantastic gamers.


Kalla is 4’9, has countless kills in D&D, and is pretty good at League of Legends. Her main talents in life are ranting, sleeping, and obtaining science degrees. 

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican has been a geek since he first saw a lightsaber ignite. He has strong feelings on subbed anime. He strives to represent the stories of the common man and woman regardless of skin tone, age, sexual preference, or nationality. With every article he strives to bring representation to the voiceless. Unless he finds out they like dubbed anime.

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