Former Hearthstone Staff Start Second Dinner, Are Making a New Marvel Game

Second Dinner

Blizzard Entertainment, known for games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo, had some employees leave semi-recently. And now those ex Blizzard employees have a new studio and a newly announced deal with Marvel Entertainment to make games. They walked away from Blizzard in 2018, and have joined other former staff members like Mike Schweitzer, Yong Woo, and Jomaro Kindred. Together they made Second Dinner, and are currently working on a game for Marvel with some financial backing from NetEase, which is a Chinese internet company.

Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu started Second Dinner.  The small yet wickedly talented team is working hard on this new game for Marvel.

Second Dinner said it plans to grow its team over the next few years. In order to do so, the company has raised $30 million through NetEase, which handles versions of Blizzard’s games in China.

Only time will tell what Second Dinner has in store for gamers!

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