Should You Attend Phoenix Fan Fusion?

Phoenix Comic Con, Phoenix Comic Fest, and now Phoenix Fan Fusion. This is the largest convention Arizona has to offer, and during 2016, it brought over 100,000 geeks into the Phoenix Convention Center. After a few unfortunate events, Phoenix Fan Fusion suffered a sharp decline in attendance. However, the amount of people who attend an event is no true measure of quality, as Anime Los Angeles is absolutely one of our all time favorite conventions and has only 10,000+ in attendance.

A lot has changed for our flagship convention, and seeing as how it’s only weeks away, we ask, “Should you attend Phoenix Fan Fusion?”

The guests this year are top tier: Jeff Goldblum, George Takei, Elijah Wood, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, just to name a few. We have not seen a line up this awesome in years, and we’re stoked to know they are coming to Arizona in the dead of Summer, just for us. While ticket prices for photos can be as high as over $100, it may be worth it for die hard fans to get to meet their idols, in person.

Cosplayers will be in full force during Phoenix Fan Fusion such as our homies Amber Skies Cosplay, Amber Brite, Courtney Leigh, Lindsay Elyse, Little Sparkz, etc. While they have been featured as main guests, we know the indies will also be rocking their best designs. There will be an overwhelming amount of gaming, parties, panels, and events to attend during the weekend that will no doubt entertain just about everyone who steps into their halls.

To real talk for a moment, we’ve been skeptical of Phoenix Fan Fusion in the past years. There were a lot of questionable actions and mistakes that were made. However, these past two years have legitimately been some of the most fun we’ve had. You can tell the crew has poured their heart and souls into organization, security, and events to ensure they do right by the community.

At the price of $85 for an all weekend pass, May 23rd to May 26th, this event is worth attending. You’ll have a blast with all it has to offer! You can find more information on their website. I also want to mention that on Friday night of Phoenix Fan Fusion, the Geek Lyfe team will be at The Grand, in Downtown Phoenix, hosting our Networking and Nakama event for content creators to get together and hang out!

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