Interview: Julius Photography

Interview: Julius Photography

Ladies and gentlemen, there are some people in this world that are filled with such talent that they make the most incredible techniques look like a simple flick of the wrist. Today I bring you an exceptional photographer by the name of Tony Julius of Tony Julius Photography. he is located in Arizona and although he is very well known for his cosplay photography, he also does weddings and senior photos.

I have heard from multiple cosplayers that they have a special budget around conventions specifically so that they can work with Tony in order to get fantastic photos. His fame even goes beyond professionalism as many also claim to enjoy his kind heart and down to earth personality. Despite the overwhelming praise he receives from his peers, he remains humble.

I am so proud to get an interview with Tony and I hope you enjoy our discussion about him as a person and as a photographer!

Be sure to check out more of Tony Julius’ work on his social media and website!

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