So You Want to Hire a Photographer

Written by Chocozumo The hot glue has settled, the seams are pristine, and the paint has finally dried. Congratulations, you finished your cosplay! With the next big convention coming up, you’re expecting photos to be taken of your hard work. Unfortunately, the reality is that you can’t guarantee you’ll receive any of those pictures back. Some people take photos for their own memories, while other...[Read More]

Stop Sleeping on All This Talent

Written by Cole Bekah I want to start this off by saying that I love the photography community I am a part of. It’s full of some of the most supportive and wonderful people I have met, but lately, I’ve noticed some recurring trends in the way some photographers approach who they work with that really bothers me. The first trend I noticed as I became more involved in the community was the lack of p...[Read More]

A Fond Farewell to Deegan Marie!

They say that all good things must come to an end eventually. That is exactly how we feel today as we announce that Deegan Marie of Deegan Marie Photography has resigned from her position as Chief Photographer for The Geek Lyfe. Between her day job, cosplaying, and freelance jobs, she found her time to be too strained to accommodate the workload with us in that mix. While we are sad to see her go,...[Read More]

Spring T Shirt Shoot w/ Deegan Marie Photography & Peachgirl Photography!

Over the years, The Geek Lyfe has worked with fantastic artists such as Sagauart and Sammie Scribbles to produce incredible T Shirt designs. You can check out right here on Teepublic! In order to properly highlight them, we decided to snag talented photographers including our own Chief Photographer Deegan Marie Photography and our homie Peachgirl Photography for a photo shoot! Remember when this h...[Read More]

Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography

Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography We here at The Geek Lyfe love and adore the cosplay community and everything it stands for. It is such a powerful and positive aspect of the geek culture that promotes body positivity, encourages others to pick up new crafts from sewing to molding materials and so much more. It makes sense that after spends hundreds of dollars on a costume that required doz...[Read More]

Interview: Julius Photography

Interview: Julius Photography Ladies and gentlemen, there are some people in this world that are filled with such talent that they make the most incredible techniques look like a simple flick of the wrist. Today I bring you an exceptional photographer by the name of Tony Julius of Tony Julius Photography. he is located in Arizona and although he is very well known for his cosplay photography, he a...[Read More]

Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer)

Feature: Chocozumo (Photographer) In Arizona we have such a rich and vibrant cosplay community filled of talented Cosplayers, costumer makers, convention organizers, and especially cosplay photographers. One of these photographers in particular does a fantastic job with his camera, lights, and photo shop. On top of all of this, he is so young to boot! His name is Connor Heinzmann and he goes profe...[Read More]

Missy of SuicideGirls and the Temple of Doom(An Interview Sequel)

Missy of SuicideGirls and the Temple of Doom(An Interview Sequel) If there is one thing I could accomplish with all of my writing with The Geek Lyfe it would without a doubt be the promotion, understanding, and appreciation of art. For many, art stops at physical pieces such as paintings or audible forms like music. For me, I believe that almost anything can be considered at art form so long as th...[Read More]

Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them)

Fantastic AZ Photographers (And Where To Find Them) During Taiyou Con, I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite cosplayers, Mae Dae Cosplay. After gushing about Steven Universe and conventions, she mentioned how she wanted to get really great photos of her costumes but had no idea who would do it or how they are as professionals. This stopped me in my tracks because I was under the mis...[Read More]

Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016

Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016 This weekend at Phoenix Comicon I had come along with the idea of the Cosplayers and their Day Jobs project, which turned out to be a blast! Meanwhile one of our photographers, and a good friend of mine, Deegan Marie of Deegan Marie Photography had a brilliant idea of her own. She wanted to bring along a ring light to help capture the true beau...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Photo Shoots: Phoenix Comicon

The Geek Lyfe Photo Shoots: Phoenix Comicon If you cosplay, you more than likely but a ton of effort into your costume, make up, and may even alter your diet or workout so you have the body you desire for the character. By the end of the convention there will be wear and tear, although it can be fixed it may not ever return to that first rendition. So what do you do to capture the glory of your ha...[Read More]

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