Jesse Cox Leaves Polaris

Jesse Cox Leaves Polaris

Jesse Cox is a YouTuber most famous for his gaming videos and being a member of the Co Optional Podcast alongside TotalBiscuit and Dodger. He has been making content for his fans for years and often commits to various projects at the same time so there will always be something new to look forward to. Even before he rose to fame, he was a simple World of Warcraft geek like many of us. He actually got to ask about missing lore in Wrath of the Lich King at 2011’s Blizzcon, a question that has been on many of our minds. Of course, some of the most influential developers and writers for World of Warcraft dodged his question but still Jesse Cox’s determination to find answers to his questions really struck a chord with me and I was a fan from then on.

Recently, he announced that he was going to leave network Polaris, owned by Maker Studios. I wrote about Game Grump’s departure from the same network just a week ago and now that Jesse Cox has stated a few reasons for his decision(On this week’s episode of Co Optional podcast which I will have to wait until the VOD comes out so I can credit it) it seems forcing their partners to make various videos private is one of the largest concerns. He mentioned that he has never been without a network since he started his channel. As a bonus, without the influence of Polaris, he is now able to create whatever content he wishes without a third party being involved and reap in whatever profit he makes without having a middle man take a cut.

However, for all the benefits of leaving Polaris, he does acknowledge that the amount of money he makes in a year very well might decline. In light of these events, he announced the end of his Heroes of the Storm pro team, Stellar Lotus. He started the team a little over a year ago and they have had their share of wins and losses but unfortunately, they were not able to break into the top tier pro matches. This is sad to see since I personally followed their streams and was a fan, we wish all of the players affected by this the best of luck.

In other news, Jesse Cox also mentioned that CoxCon will be happening again this year at Telford UK. If you missed out on last year’s CoxCon be sure to watch their videos! To wrap the discussion of Jesse Cox leaving Polaris up, I understand why he tells his follows that he is unsure of how the future of his channel will be. This is his first time being on his own when it comes to marketing, events, networking and so forth, but honestly, he already has so much influence behind his name that fans will continue to support him in every way. In fact, I am excited to see what happens in the future since he’ll have far more free time to work on whatever he likes!

We here at The Geek Lyfe will continue to support Jesse Cox and spread the word about how awesome he is to all of our readers!

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