Could Pyrrha Return to RWBY? Should She?

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Could Pyrrha Return to RWBY? Should She?

Could Pyrrha Return to RWBY? Should She?


There is a show made by the fine folks of Rooster Teeth by the name of RWBY. It focuses on the adventures of Ruby who is training to be Huntsmen at an academy. Along the way she encounters a unique cast of characters and they find themselves facing almost impossible odds. At the start of the show, literally for a majority of three seasons, the show remained tame and light hearted. Every episode seemed to focus on overcoming internal conflict, fostering solid friendships, and beating their school rivals.

The show featured a character by the name of Pyrrha Nikos who was the strongest, wisest, kind hearted, shy, and all around a fantastic character. She helped those less fortunate and always put others before herself both emotionally and physically. The show took such a drastic turn when they made the decision to kill of Pyrrha in a dramatic fashion as she fought the villainous Cinder. Prior to that episode most conflicts got resolved with the power of friendship. There hadn’t been much risk at all but suddenly multiple characters passed away and the entire tone of the show got darker.

Two seasons later I, as well as many fans, still feel that Pyrrha was the best character on RWBY. While the rest of the cast are enjoyable, no one can compare to that strong, silent, woman who just wanted to be adored by the incompetent man she fell so hard for. A good amount of fans pray to the RWBY gods above for her return. They believe that if the show could remove characters out of nowhere, then they could potentially bring back a character just as fast.

But should they?

Please don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely adore Pyrrha to the point of weeping whenever I see someone cosplay her. However, I must admit that prior to Pyhrra’s death I had little respect for the show mainly because everything always worked out for the characters. The moment she, and others, died unexpectedly it changed everything for me. This show that I took for granted as a light hearted experience shifted to wondering ‘Who would be next’? They added to this by including various scenes of characters dealing with the death of those characters which made me sympathize with the remaining characters because they showed depth.

You would think that a perfect solution would be to return the character to the show in a heroic fashion and all would be right again. That isn’t always the case unfortunately. In 1992-93 a major comic book event by the name of “The Death of Superman” occurred which featured a story line where a villain by the name of Doomsday wreaked havoc on the DC comic universe and destroyed every hero he encountered. Earth’s mightiest hero, Superman, took on the challenge and found himself bested for the first time and died in the conflict. Many story lines following that focused on his death and characters dealing with such a great loss. naturally, comic book lovers flocked to read how this affected their favorite heroes. After a short time, they brought Superman back to life and it absolutely destroyed the concept of death for the comic book universe. Since that story line so many heroes and villains from many major works of fiction have ‘died’ to create drama, only to return a while afterwards. It has happened so often that death feels cheap, which it absolutely should not be.

I gained such a strong respect for for RWBY when they had the guts remove such a major character, now that she is gone I do have an honest fear for everyone else. I find myself wondering if the dangerous situation they encounter will be their final appearance. If they were to bring Pyhrra back, I would be excited for sure but it would diminish all the fear and care I gathered. The show would return to being smothered in plot armor and without any true risk, only mild discomfort.

It is for these reasons that Pyrrha Nikos should remain dead in RWBY. She fought hard, loved hard, and the short comings of the characters resulted in her passing. That should linger on their minds and affect their judgement from here on out. Life doesn’t always work out for the best, not everyone makes it to the finish line, and that should continue to be reflected in the show.

But this is just the thoughts of a humble geek! What are your thoughts? Would you want to see Pyrrha return or should she continue to enjoy her eternal rest?

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Darth Mexican has been a geek since he first saw a lightsaber ignite. He has strong feelings on subbed anime. He strives to represent the stories of the common man and woman regardless of skin tone, age, sexual preference, or nationality. With every article he strives to bring representation to the voiceless. Unless he finds out they like dubbed anime.

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