In Lust With Witcher Characters? You’ll Enjoy Its NSFW Parody: The Betwitcher!

The fine folks at Digital Playground have released their latest nerdy parody, The Bewitcher. The Bewitcher is no doubt inspired by the beloved franchise Witcher that took the gaming world by storm with the release of its third installment in 2015. Since its release, erotic fan fiction, cosplays, and so much more had been created by fans in order to satisfy their love for the game. This all comes a...[Read More]

Has DLC Gone Too Far?

Has DLC Gone Too Far? I am a Gamer.  I love to play games, whether they be table-top, PC, or console.   I love to play games.  Over the years, video games have grown exponentially, in size, story, graphic fidelity and so on.  These have been welcome changes, as they’ve brought amazing stories and interactive experiences that were just not possible 10+ years ago.  As games have gotten larger, so ha...[Read More]

Powerforce’s Pick: Video Games

  Powerforce’s Pick: Video Games When it comes to picking your Top 5 games, it isn’t easy. I had to really sit down and think about all the consoles I’ve had and what I played on them. Sure enough, it took me quite a while to come up with this list, but I feel I picked out the perfect ones that stand out from my gaming resume. Enjoy! 5. Star Fox 64  Playing with friends is o...[Read More]

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