So You Want to Hire a Photographer

Written by Chocozumo The hot glue has settled, the seams are pristine, and the paint has finally dried. Congratulations, you finished your cosplay! With the next big convention coming up, you’re expecting photos to be taken of your hard work. Unfortunately, the reality is that you can’t guarantee you’ll receive any of those pictures back. Some people take photos for their own memories, while other...[Read More]

Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography

Seven Deadly Sins of Cosplay Photography We here at The Geek Lyfe love and adore the cosplay community and everything it stands for. It is such a powerful and positive aspect of the geek culture that promotes body positivity, encourages others to pick up new crafts from sewing to molding materials and so much more. It makes sense that after spends hundreds of dollars on a costume that required doz...[Read More]

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