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Looking for a Good Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Try ‘Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody’!

When Solo, a Star Wars film dedicated to the origin story of our favorite scruffy looking nerf herder, was announced fans became divided on whether they would love or hate the film. these reasons were based on the actor chosen to play the infamous Han Solo as well as creative directions that the film took. Our very own Saint loved the film and wept at the beautiful of it all! You can check out her...[Read More]

In Lust With Witcher Characters? You’ll Enjoy Its NSFW Parody: The Betwitcher!

The fine folks at Digital Playground have released their latest nerdy parody, The Bewitcher. The Bewitcher is no doubt inspired by the beloved franchise Witcher that took the gaming world by storm with the release of its third installment in 2015. Since its release, erotic fan fiction, cosplays, and so much more had been created by fans in order to satisfy their love for the game. This all comes a...[Read More]

(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XXX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film

(NSFW)Digital Playground Releases Star Wars XX Parody and is Less Controversial Than Actual Star Wars Film Look, lets just all be real for a moment and admit that The Last Jedi was one of the most unique Star Wars films as of late. Fans from galaxies far, far away found themselves aruging over the finer points of the film. However, admist this chaos the fine folks at Digital Playground released th...[Read More]

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