Has Phoenix Fan Fusion Risen from the Ashes of its Troubled Past?(Review)

Phoenix Fan Fusion is the flagship convention for Arizona geeks. Every single year the community makes the journey through immense heat and one way streets, just to see what Phoenix Fan Fusion has to offer this year. In the past couple years, there have been a lot of growing pains for this convention. With promises and apologies, many were left with hope or doubt about the future. Let’s see ...[Read More]

So You Want to Hire a Photographer

Written by Chocozumo The hot glue has settled, the seams are pristine, and the paint has finally dried. Congratulations, you finished your cosplay! With the next big convention coming up, you’re expecting photos to be taken of your hard work. Unfortunately, the reality is that you can’t guarantee you’ll receive any of those pictures back. Some people take photos for their own memories, while other...[Read More]

Represent Us and Earn a Free Convention Pass!

Hey friends! The Geek Lyfe is looking to expand our coverage, both nationally and internationally! In order to do this, we are opening up a method to work with freelancers so they can attend a convention on our behalf. We will supply them with a press pass, and in return they bring us back photos and a review of the event! That way the freelancer saves money, and we get assistance with coverage! H...[Read More]

Wizard World Portland 2019 Review!

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here, and now that I am over my con crud, I wanted to tell you about my experience in Portland, Oregon while attending Wizard World Portland. I had never been to a Wizard World convention before, and with all the hype in the convention and cosplay community, as well as media entertainment exposure such as Heroes of Cosplay, Wizard World has made a name for itself where con-...[Read More]

To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek

To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to understand at a young age that people who look like you are rarely ever the hero. To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to cringe as your culture is misrepresented in a half hearted attempt to showcase diversity as the voice actors, artists, and writers don’t know your culture. To Be a Minority and to Be a Geek is to accept the fact that because a major...[Read More]

Conventions Need Better Food Options

Whenever I go to a major event such as a convention or festival, it takes days to plan. I have to look at their website, possibly call managers, and research other people’s experience. The day of the event, I have to take the extra step of bringing (sometimes even sneaking) food. All of this is an annoyance, but it’s been a part of my life since my son was diagnosed with Celiac. Celiac...[Read More]

Geegiiee Conquers the Edmonton Comic Expo

September has rolled around and that means con-goers from far and wide put on their geekiest outfit and head to the Edmonton Comic Expo, in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. ECC is a yearly convention that celebrates all that is holy; anime, superheroes, video games, TV shows and basically anything a geeky loving individual can think of and for a 3-day pass for 69$ why not?! Guests Even though the weather...[Read More]

Tidesiren Takes on Dragon Con 2018

Hey you guys! Tidesiren here comin’ at you with another con review! This time, earlier this month, I got to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia! At $95 for a full 5 day membership (usually Thursday to Monday-including Labor Day), this convention takes over Downtown Atlanta and five of its main, most distinguished, hotels: the Sheraton, the Westin, the Marriott, the Hyatt, and the Hilton! With sk...[Read More]

Game On Expo 2017 Was Bigger And Better! (Review)

Game On Expo 2017 Was Bigger And Better! (Review) Game On Expo is a convention that takes place in Arizona that used to take place in Mesa at the Mesa Convention Center but moved to Downtown Phoenix for a bigger facility in the Phoenix Convention Center. This is one of my favorite events in the year because you can tell the organizers have a huge love for video games and gamers. Every year that I ...[Read More]

Staff Spotlight: Tidesiren

Staff Spotlight: Tidesiren Good day everyone! Last year we ran a number of articles featuring various staff members of Geek Lyfe to show who is providing that content you consume! I thought it would be a great time to bring that back as we have a number of staff who are brand new to the team! Starting off, you may or may not already know of this staff member because we have both featured them as a...[Read More]

The Good, The Bad, and the Waifus: Anime Expo 2017 Review

  The Good, The Bad, and the Waifus: Anime Expo 2017 Review Last year was my first year attending Anime Expo and it was such a great experience that I could not wait for 2017’s event. If you are unfamiliar with  Unfortunately, a series of events that happened at another convention sparked changes in the convention community which resulted in a different experience for the average convention ...[Read More]

10 Ways To Ensure You Survive Summer Conventions

10 Ways To Ensure You Survive Summer Conventions Hello hello! My name is DeAngelo and I attend a number of conventions throughout the year. Many of them take place in a state that is known for its intense heat, Arizona. I, like many others in our state, defy the sun regularly due to the best conventions happening during this time. Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comic Con, Colossal Con, Mega Con, E3, a...[Read More]

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