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Horsemen Of

My dear friends, I write to you all in the hopes of enriching your lives by bestowing upon you some incredible cosplayers, who go by the name Horsemen Of!

These four human beings are some of the greatest cosplayers I have ever met. They constantly go out of their way to help others, improve themselves, and no matter what they are up to they always have a great time! We have worked with them in the past, during our joint Networking and Nakama event/Persona 5 Phantom Thieves! Find the safe room party! Not only that, but they’ve also gone above and beyond for us in helping with convention coverage!

Today, we wanted to introduce you to them! What better way to do so than to use their own introduction:

We decided to start Horsemen Of after we had one of the best times of our life at Emerald City Comicon dressed at FFXV’s four main characters, whom we affectionately refer to as the “Chocobros.” The four of us had been costuming for years before this, but we had a really bad year that year. We were burnt out, not having fun, and generally thinking of quitting all of this.

Then, enter SDCC, that year where Jackie begged to play the new demo of FFXV at the SquareEnix booth and Deb loyally stood by her in line, for two hours, to play it. It was beautiful, but clumsy. Intriguing, but you could tell it was still in development and Jackie was in love. She had waited 10 years (yes really) for this game to come out, and nothing was going to stop her! They all joked later that a fun and easy drinking costume would be us dressing as the boys. That joke turned into reality at Emerald City Comic Con the following year and we never looked back. These boys saved our love for this craft and we can’t let them go because of it. Our goal is to never stop having fun doing this, show other people how much fun this can be, and create a supportive and positive space for those that want to have a good tie and make friends. That is Horsemen Of. Four friends (Frank and Nat’s and KnowOne’s Designs) traveling across the land, searching for riders who want to party medium, and enjoy this giant game of dress up we call cosplay.

This was from their own website and blog!

Below is an example of their cosplay! Photos by both Chocozumo and Tony Julius Photography!

On the realest of real talk Jackie, Debra, Paul, and Garrick are such wonderful people. They put their heart and soul into their cosplay, and it shows. They treat every single person they encounter with such kindness and grace that is so refreshing. They really are the best aspects of the cosplay community, and you need to follow them.

Check out more of their content on Instagram and Facebook!

Horsemen Of are avid supporters of The Geek Lyfe. They support us in every single way, including being a Patreon supporter! We wanted to say thank you to them, from the bottom of our hearts, as they have helped fund our events, equipment, and so much more!

If you’d like to further support The Geek Lyfe, please share our content so that we can entertain more fine folks like yourself! If you’d like to go above and beyond, check out our article on all the ways you can help us grow, like Patreon!

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