Interview: Sincerely Sam

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Interview: Sincerely Sam

Ladies and gentlemen I have a wonderful artist to introduce you to! She is the creator of all things dope, kawaii, and pretty darn purple! Her name is Sincerely Sam and she specializes in creating fan art of her favorite series along with her own original creations. She can be found at most conventions on the west coast offering her incredible wares to anyone lucky enough to walk by. Even going beyond her product, she as a person is fantastic. I met her on a Friday at Phoenix Comicon and by Sunday I was willing to vouch to any and all who could hear that was a quality person.

I hope you enjoy our interview!

One of the many great aspects about Sincerely Sam is just how hard working she is. Not only does she maintain the day to day hurricane that is her online store, attends various conventions, maintains a charm that does nothing but make you feel welcomed and appreciated. I also want to add that she is the artist for a great indie web comic by the name of The Detriments! While the original comic has been taken down, she mentioned starting it back up for the next year!

I hope you enjoyed our interview with Sincerely Sam, she really is fantastic in so many ways and we highly recommend you check out her website and Facebook!

The print I brought from Sam! it was so dope!

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