Peter Dinklage Sings About Game Of Thrones

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Peter Dinklage Sings About Game Of Thrones

People die in Game of Thrones left, right, and center. Do there is even a song about it by Peter Dinklage and it’s for Red Nose Day. It’s a charity fighting to raise money for young people who might be struggling financially.

The song is whimiscal as he talks about previous characters on the show and their deaths while boasting that he is still alive and surviving. His performance is a snippet of what is to come for tonight’s live event from 8 to 11pm E.T.

Darth Mexican has been a geek for 24+ years. His interests include Anime, Cosplay, Comic Books, Kung Fu films, Video Games and Table Top Gaming. With strong character traits such as optimism and ambition, it's hardly a surprise that Darth Mexican decided to create a blog centered around Geek Culture that kept the community updated on all things they care for. However, he knew that he could not possibly tackle this beast by himself and recruited Spocktopus to his cause. Darth Mexican loves his team, this page, and those that follow it.

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