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Warcraft: Orgrim Doomhammer



Warcraft: Orgrim Doomhammer

 It’s common knowledge that I am a huge World of Warcraft geek, I’ve read a majority of the novels and have been playing since 2005 (We even have a Geek Lyfe guild!). So I am freaking out about the upcoming Warcraft film in 2016. So imagine my surprise when Orgrim Doomrhammer himself appears on my newsfeed in all his CGI glory!

If you don’t know too much about Doomhammer and his awesome, here is a snip it from Wowwiki:

Orgrim Doomhammer, also known as the Backstabber by loyalists of Gul’dan and Blackhand, was theWarchief of the Orcish Horde during the end of the First War and the entirety of the Second War. The orcish capital of Orgrimmar, the Horde-controlled town of Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands, and the flying battleship Orgrim’s Hammer patrolling the skies of Icecrown, are named in his honor.

He is going to be played by Robert Kazinsky in the Warcraft movie who will be starring in Frankenstein’s monster in an upcoming TV pilot for Fox.

“We were looking for someone who would be able to perform the gruffness, the humor, and the toughness of this character,” says Duncan Jones, the director. He casted Kazinsky due to not only his love for the Warcraft games but also because he fits the character (somewhat)physically and can pull off his personality with ease.

Warcraft_Orgrim_Action-932x621We have Indistrial Light and Magic to thank for this incredible Doomhammer rendition. They took the concept art of the character from Blizzard and merged it with photos of the actor in order to create the orc. If the rest of the production comes out as well as Doomhammer then we geeks shall be given a gift from the fantasy gods. It should be noted that this is the team that gave the Hulk emotions in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so you know that are frakking talented.

Warcraft will be entering our lives and smothering us with awesome on June 10th of 2016.


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