5 WoW Mounts to Hunt before Legion


5 WoW Mounts to Hunt before Legion

So you hit the level cap. The big 100. The entire world (of Warcraft) is open to you!


But shortly after that final ding and the rush of reaching the top of the leveling ladder, that inescapable question soon presents itself…what now? What challenges are worthy of your new powers? Should you hit the raiding scene and try to gear up before Legion graces Blizzards servers? Maybe the PvP scene is calling you? Perhaps some sweet RP is more up your ally?



However, you’re forgetting about one important thing my friend. Sure you’re a big bad level 100 now….but what about your ride? Are you still slumming it with some griffin or dragonhawk? Why are you doing that to yourself? You deserve more! You deserve a mount that scream “Hey! Look at me! I’m amazing! LOOK AT ME!”.

But where to find such a mount?! There are hundreds of them and I want instant gratification! Well you could patently grind instant after instant, spend hundreds of thousands of gold on the Black Market, or slaughter a Leprechaun to absorb its sweet, sweet luck OR take a look at this amazing top 5 Redshirt approved mounts and focus your search there!

I know what I would do!



The Ashes of A’lar, by far, the crown jewel in my collection. Ever since I started this game I wanted to get one. It’s place in the lore…the backstory behind its creation (RIP Ezra Chatterton) this mount hits every level of awesome. Being a level 100, this mount is extremely easy to farm weekly dropping of the final boss of Tempest Keep, Kael’thas Sunstrider. I wont lie, this boss fight was VERY annoying even when I was grinding at level 90 during Cataclysm. The boss fight has some CRAZY control mechanics that if you aren’t paying attention will lock even the strongest character down until you are pinpricked to death…though admittedly at level 100 the danger of actually dying before getting annoyed and alt + f4ing out of the game is negligible. Like most of the fights on this list just nuke the boss as hard as you can and surround yourself with as many lucky rabbits foots, four-leaf clovers, and every pair of lucky underwear you own for that  1.7% drop rate….

Raven Lord-Heroic Sethekk Halls


If you don’t have the achievement to fly in Draenor, or you want a kickass ride for your local battleground, then look no farther than this gem of the Outlands, the Raven Lord! A mount drop exclusive to the Heroic version of Sethekk Halls, the Raven Lord is extremely simple to farm and has the added advantage of being a dungeon instead of a raid so one can farm for it daily instead of weekly! The boss, the fearsome bird…chicken…thing…Anzu, has no crazy mechanics and will probably last a whopping 2 seconds against even a fresh level 100 character making the dungeon run last about as long as your typical Hulu add. Buckle up for seeing the inside of this dungeon so often it will haunt your dreams with a drop rate of a whopping 1.64%…but damn out of all the bird-chicken mounts in this game, this one is the coolest.

Pureblood Firehawk-Firelands (any difficulty)


You thought A’lar was the only firebird in town? THINK AGAIN! This badboy actually slid under my radar as I was grinding though the Firelands and it was a VERY nice surprise to see drop of the mighty Ragnaros. The good thing is the Pureblood Firehawk drops off any raid difficulty and any raid size so if you want a easy run the drop rate is the same on 10 man normal as it is on 25 man heroic (though I would personally avoid 25 man heroic, one of the bosses may be bugged….or I am much worse at this game than I expected). Furthermore, there is the added advantage of farming multitasking in the Firelands. Not only are there TWO firebird mounts in this one (the other being a fiery version of the Raven Lord) you can also double up your grinding by working towards the legendary staff Dragonwrath which has the added bonus of not only being a legendary weapon (with a rather cool quest if I do say so myself) but lets you turn into a dragon too! This guy sports a 1.5% drop rate so get used to seeing flames of rage on your path to flames of awesome!

Vitreous Stone Drake-Heroic Stonecore


The often overlooked shiny mount of Deephelm, he dropped for me while I was grinding faction rep one day. I admit he initially flew under my radar but he was by far one of my favorite surprises. One of the cooler looking drake mounts in a game that has dozens of drake mount models, the Vitreous Stone Drake is a rare sight both for his drop rate and being often forgotten in the struggle to grind to the level cap. The drop rate is INCREDIBLY low at .87% but at least it’s offset by the fact that this heroic dungeon is grindable daily instead of weekly.

Invincible-Icecrown Citadel 25 man heroic


This mount…this bloody mount…..many have sought after the legendary mount of Arthas the Lich King. Hundreds of players have raided the underleveled halls of the mighty Icecrown Citadel, burning a path through the 25 man heroic difficulty to claim their prize…nearly all of them have failed. This grind is mean. Just plain mean. 25 man heroic ICC, while a level 100 obviously has no problem with the punishment the bosses can dish out, has mechanics that will slay the careless at every turn…and even for the brave few that overcome these trials….the final boss is one of indescribable horror…and I’m not talking about the Lich King. Random. Number.Generator. RNG. I’ll stop dancing around it. This mount has a .87% rate on a weekly grind. Basically if this drops for you go out, buy a lottery ticket and I hate you.

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Special thanks to Wowhead for the drop rates! Which mount was your favorite from this list? Are you in love with a mount not mentioned on our list? Comment below and let us know!


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