Battle for Azeroth: A Rough Start

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, released around 6 weeks ago. The community has been in a bit of an uproar since, with many referring to it as “Beta for Azeroth.” The random passerby who heard all the praise lavished upon the previous expansion, Legion, may be confused as to why the tone has shifted so drastically. The perceived issues are plenty, so let’s break them dow...[Read More]

5 WoW Mounts to Hunt before Legion

5 WoW Mounts to Hunt before Legion So you hit the level cap. The big 100. The entire world (of Warcraft) is open to you! But shortly after that final ding and the rush of reaching the top of the leveling ladder, that inescapable question soon presents itself…what now? What challenges are worthy of your new powers? Should you hit the raiding scene and try to gear up before Legion graces Blizz...[Read More]

Podcast: Gameadelic – Legion Ft Powerforce & Kalla

Podcast: Gameadelic – Legion Ft Powerforce & Kalla Three World of Warcraft addicts, Darth Mexican, Powerforce, and Kalla meet up and chat about how they got into WoW, their experiences with the other expansion, and finally their thoughts on the upcoming expansion, Legion! We’ve gone through so much during our many years of World of Warcraft that we had to share our favorite moments...[Read More]

Opinion – World of Warcraft: Legion

Opinion – World of Warcraft: Legion On 8/6/2105 in Germany at a convention called Gamescom, Blizzard announced their next expansion: Legion and gave information to the major aspects of what was coming next. The story of this next chapter of WoW takes Gul’Dan to open the flood gates for demons and they come to Azeroth once again with a vengeance. So we can expect to battle demons both s...[Read More]

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