Behind the computer screen with Draskia

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Behind the computer screen with Draskia
A long, long time ago in a galax- rather, a high school not so far away. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady. Not only was she very sweet and kind, but she was overflowing with talent. Like a Pokemon gaining levels, her talent grows with every passing year. From being a Mother by day to a streamer on Twitch by night she does it all, like an geeky superhero. Between gaming and creating beautiful art, she welcomes everyone to her channel with open arms and keeps everything in balance. To get a bit more insight into the life of Draskia read on.

Behind the computer screen with Draskia
maggmaggThe Geek Lyfe: While I have known you for quite some time, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Draskia: Yes! Hello readers! I am Draskia or Maggie when not behind the computer. o/

TGL: You only began streaming last summer, what got you started and what keeps you going?
D: I got into streaming when a client asked me to do some graphics for their stream. Even though they cancelled I fell in love with the site. I figured I’m always at the computer why not give it a shot? I stick with it, even though most of the time its quite the struggle, because of the inspiration I give others. In my time I have had so many people tell me they got back into drawing after seeing and hearing my encouragement.

TGL: You choose to keep your stream PG, why is that? Has it affected your followers?
D: I believe that keeping my channel PG is more appropriate for a site that lets 13+ view the content. Any 13-17 year old can click that “yes I am over 18” button and I don’t want to be responsible for anything a child gleaned from my channel. While I don’t think it has influenced my followers much I do like to say it keeps it a safe place for people to come and relax.

TGL: Milestones are something you honor on Twitch. What have you done so far, and what other celebratory milestones are you planning?

D: I have cosplayed as Marcelline and a cat girl for the two milestones of 1 and 2 thousand followers. While I missed one and am waiting props for my next one I now try to celebrate my viewers every Thursday by giving away a wallpaper of a game character.

TGL: What has been your most memorable interaction with a follower brought on by Twitch?
D: My most memorable interaction would have to be with minecraftkitty. She sent me a piece of artwork that I inspired her to do and told me she wont stop drawing any time soon.

TGL: Gaming isn’t the only activity that you stream, you create beautiful and fun Minecraft art! What has been your favorite piece of game related art to create?
D: Most recently my favorite piece I have done is for wolv21! I did an entire scene painted for a patreon give away of his. Sadly I am not allowed to show the complete image, due to it being for his patreons but here is a (very) watermarked link to it:

TGL: You are a truly talented artist. Would you tell us a bit more about 10408525_427448384084916_2855694983499064690_nother pieces you’ve created?
D: Why thank you!! I have done so many pieces recently. One of my favorites is of MKtheWorst and Graphoniac with a tardis!! It was like a dream come true. Another would be the pikachu wallpaper I have set up as free at the moment. It turned out absolutely amazing! I am constantly watching other artists on twitchs creative category and learning every day how to improve.

TGL: With so many options, what is your favorite medium to work with?
D: I truly LOVE digital art. There is something about being able to have a wide variety of potential styles at your fingertips that just blows me away. I can sit down and do any number of things and no mess to clean up!

TGL: If you could create anything from Minecraft in the real world, what would it be?
D: I would love to be able to have the peace minecraft has. For me its one of my favorite games simply because its so peaceful. 🙂

TGL: Give us a little insight to Draskia afk, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
D: Draskia offline and away from the computer is a mom of 3 and wife. 🙂 I am constantly cleaning, cooking and such. My kids take up a lot of my “afk” time, which I don’t mind.

TGL: You’ve done so much already, but what can we expect from you in the future?
D: I plan on improving my art! I have no plans to stop or slow down how things are going. The main focus of my channel is making art and inspiring others to. With that I only want to improve and give back to the awesome people that have brought me to where I am. It really is all about giving back. After all I wouldn’t be here without everyone that has supported me and be so encouraging.


A huge thank you to Draskia for doing this interview! It’s been a pleasure getting to know a bit more about her and her craft. If you’d like to follow her, find out even more about her art, or even just tune in to her stream you can check her out here: WebsiteTwitchTwitter

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