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Review: Star Wars – Force Awakens

Review: Star Wars – Force Awakens Ten years have passed since the release of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith and we are now given Star Wars Episode 7: Force Awakens. Many Star Wars lovers cringe at the memory of seeing the prequels and in turn feared for how any future films would turn out. Thankfully, we got J.J. Abrams, famous for the rebooted Star Trek films, Cloverfield, Lost, S...[Read More]

First Impressions: Jessica Jones

First Impressions: Jessica Jones After the incredible success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the wildly successful Netflix Original Daredevil, Jessica Jones was announced shortly after. Being a much bigger D.C. Comics fan than Marvel, I had no idea who this character was. Such a plain name, no secret identity, and the character was not Moon Knight or Luke Cage so I was already disappointed....[Read More]

Webcomic – Luke Skywalker to the Rescue!

Webcomic – Luke Skywalker to the Rescue! With all of the Fallout content that’s been coming out over the past few weeks, I thought I’d break the tradition and do something a little more… Battlefront related.  I got my inspiration for the following webcomic when I was playing as a Rebel in the Battlefront beta (I’ve been working on this for a while..) and I watched an ...[Read More]

Spectre Review: 007 Battles Mediocrity

Spectre Review: 007 Battles Mediocrity  Following a series high point in Skyfall, James Bond is back with his latest outing against a classic Bond organization. Can the film measure  up to the hype? Find out in our review of Spectre! Spectre begins with a gorgeous tracking shot through Mexico City during The Day of The Dead. This entire opening sequence is thrilling. Unfortunately after this, the ...[Read More]

Review: The Last Witch Hunter

Review: The Last Witch Hunter We all know Vin Diesel is awesome. Many of us know he is a hidden geek who loves Dungeons and Dragons. So what happens when you mix Vin Diesel and his love for D&D? A movie called The Last Witch Hunter he makes and stars in about one of his all time favorite D&D character. Plot As the title suggests, Vin Diesel playing Kaldur is the Last Witch Hunter. His mort...[Read More]

The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review

The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review Damn does it ever feel good to be back in Central City with Team Flash. After the stellar first season ended, a giant nerdy void was left in my life on Tuesdays. Now the Scarlet Speedster returns for his season 2 premiere…CHECK IT! ***SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH SEASON 2 EPISODE 1*** Season 2 kicks off 6 months after the end of the previous season,...[Read More]

Review: Heroes Reborn Ep 1 and 2

Review: Heroes Reborn Ep 1 and 2  I think it’s safe to say that many of us who loved season one of Heroes and were heart broken by season 2 and 3 were skeptical about the announcement of Heroes Reborn on NBC. If you are unfamiliar with the series, Heroes is the story of a world filled of people with extraordinary abilities and how they deal with a world that does not fully accept them. Unfor...[Read More]

News: Cyndago Disbanded Due To Suicide

News: Cyndago Disbanded Due To Suicide Unfortunately tonight I am the bearer of terrible news. The famous Youtube content creators named Cyndago has announced that they are disbanding. While this is sad to hear, the true tragedy is that one of Cyndago’s members, Daniel Kyre, has passed away September 18th, 2015 due to being taken off life support after suffering brain damage from an attempte...[Read More]

Looking to get into a Comic Book TV series?

Looking to get into a Comic Book TV series? Welcome fellow geeks! Goyotes here, making my first post! Let’s get down to business. As I’m sure you’re all aware, comic book themed TV shows and movies have blown up pretty big. Marvel and DC have brought our favorite characters to life. Now you’re probably asking yourself. “There’s so many shows out there, how do I ...[Read More]

Great Geeky Movies You Might Have Missed Part 1

Great Geeky Movies You Might Have Missed Part 1 Do you ever pop in a Blu Ray and see a trailer for a movie you’ve never heard of that looks really enticing to you?  Then once the movie starts, you completely forget about that preview and never return to the film that had you so intrigued?  This article series is dedicated to those movies.  The really well made movies that appeal directly to ...[Read More]

Impressions: Fear The Walking Dead

Impressions: Fear The Walking Dead I should begin this article by letting everyone know up front that I love zombies and the idea of a zombie apocalypse. The idea of civilization crashing down around us, being stripped of everything we have come to rely on, handling the stress of family and friends dying, and resorting to primal states in order to see the light of the next day. Admittedly I am a b...[Read More]

End Is Nigh: Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 Confirmed

End Is Nigh: Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 Confirmed Yes, you read that correctly, book two of the Avatar The Last Airbender series will rear it’s ugly head with M. Night Shyamalan holding the reigns. I would not be so salty about this had Shyamalan admitted his failure and promised a much better film but instead he completely and utterly defends his first Avatar film. After years since the f...[Read More]

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