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Rooster Teeth Removes Vic Mignogna from Role of Qrow from RWBY

Popular geek media brand, Rooster Teeth, known for iconic shows from Achievement Hunter, Red vs. Blue, and RWBY to name a few, recently announced that they have separated from voice actor Vic Mignogna. Mignogna voiced Qrow, uncle to Ruby, who is the main character from the RWBY series. They reached out to well known media outlet, Anime News Network, about this: Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no ...[Read More]

Anime Series and Characters So Bad, It’ll Reduce Your Sperm Count

Anime is a fantastic medium that brings viewers incredible content, rich story lines, dynamic characters and can be an unforgettable experience. However, like all things in life, if there are characters and series that are wonderful, then there will also be anime series and characters so bad, it’ll reduce your sperm count. Now, I have many topics I could absolutely rant about, and I will sha...[Read More]

Ronda Rousey Is A Geek Like Us(Kind of)

Ronda Rousey Is A Geek Like Us(Kind of) Ronda Rousey is without a doubt one of the greatest athletes of our time(Yes, not mentioning that she was a woman was intentional.). With beating an opponent in a matter of 16 seconds, a fight so short that it could be made into a gif. She has even been so confident in her abilities that she openly challenged infamous Championship Boxer Flloyd Mayweather to ...[Read More]

Cosplayer of the Month: Katybear

Cosplayer of the Month: Katybear Back in 2011 I was a bright eyed geek who just discovered the massive world of cosplay. I instantly became a fan of Jessica Nigri, Rosanna Rocha, and none other than the incredible: Katybear! I pride myself on meeting as many cosplayers I adore at Phoenix Comicon, but unfortunately I always seem to miss Katy. Now that I run my own blog and have a cosplay section, i...[Read More]

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