Cosplayer of the Week: Illuminaughty Cosplay

Good day to you all! We have another wonderful, amazing, fantastic human being for you by the name of Illuminaughty Cosplay! She hails from Arizona and has a burning passion for gaming! Our homie, Schrei205, got to interview her earlier in the year at Taiyou Con and we can not wait to show you!

Having over four years of cosplay experience, she puts her heart and soul into her work and it shows! Getting to chat with Paige aka Illuminaughty was a great experience as she is so sweet and down to Earth. She gushed about her love for League of Legends and all of the future builds she wants to do. Checking out her work, one can easily tell that the woman has a ton of skill!

The reason we chose her to be our cosplayer of the week of because she is humble, hard working, and passionate about her craft. We hope you enjoyed our interview with our Cosplayer of the Week: Illuminaughty Cosplay! Be sure to follow her and give her the support she deserves!

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