Game On Expo 2018 Offered More Games and Great Times Than Ever Before

One of the most beloved communities of the geek world is gaming. Whether it is mobile, table top gaming, or massive multiplayer RPGs, video games have had such a great impact on many of our lives. What better way to celebrate the passion for this culture than attending Game On Expo!

Game On Expo is a convention held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, in the month of August. Every year they offer cosplay, video games, table top gaming, tournaments, concerts, and so much more. Our staff members, Bytes n Brews, Lvckydiamond, Schrei205, Tidesiren, and Deegan Marie Photography got to attend and had an absolute blast!


We saw a lot of talented cosplayers from all across the valley walk the convention floor in their latest costumes, from Krash Cosplay and Elfyaubrie rocking their Sub Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat or our own Lvckydiamond debuting as Miranda from Mass Effect! The official cosplay guests were will picked as they had Instagram’s Game2Hype, Pretend Princess, Smolder Cosplay, Kiba the Cosplay Corgi, Ashlynne Dae, and so many more!

We are always so floored to see just how creative our local community is and look on with pride as they are recognized for their hard work and talent!


The guest line up for Game On Expo was quality for gamers no matter the generation. The headliners were voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect), Steve Downes (Halo), and Jonny Cruz (Overwatch). Accomplished content creators Jirad “the Completionist” Khalil, Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” Meadows, and more! Not to mention musical guests from Megaran to Minibosses, Kawaii Robot Shark etc.!

No matter your interest as a gamer, Game On Expo had something for everyone.

Vendor Hall

Interested in old games? New games? Board games? Card games? How about figures of your favorite video game characters? If there was a desire, then there was a vendor who could give you what you needed. My personal favorite is Sincerely Sam because the woman not only offers art, books, and a charming smile, but also offers tarot readings upon request. If you’re interested in art, then Gold Star Lucky, Amber Skies, and Ross Caligiuri had fantastic wares!

While the convention took place they had areas designated for musical events, tournaments, and even Rock Band. The set up allowed for a cross culture of various aspects of the expo while none of them overpowered the other.


Game On Expo might be small in size but it is growing with each and every year. This event is one that will no doubt grow to contest with bigger named conventions, and with its own niche market away from comics and anime, it fills that gap in the community. Not to mention the hard working and dedicated staff focused on providing as much as possible to their attendees. We recommend Game On Expo to any fan of gaming no matter the level of interest!


Photos by Deegan Marie Photography, Schrei205, and more

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