Interview with Creator Sincerely Sam on the SALEM Kickstarter!


We are excited for the The SALEM Series that Sincerely Sam has created and every single bit of news that comes down the pipeline. That is why we are so hyped to find out that there will be a Kickstarter for the independent animated series on October 15th at 7pm and a live stream at 6pm!

In anticipation of the fundraiser, we reached out to Sincerely Sam herself to get some additional information.

The Geek Lyfe: What is the purpose of the Kickstarter?
Sincerely Sam: The purpose of our Kickstarter is with the power of crowdfunding to create our first episode. We were really inspired by the love and support over the last year that we didn’t want to keep people waiting for our first episode!
TGL: What is your elevator pitch for SALEM?
SS: S.A.L.E.M. is a slice of life animated mini series filled with adventure, self discovery, and pancakes.  The story follows a young cryptid named Salem. Growing up under the impression that Salem was a boogeyman, just like dad, the world is turned upside down when the truth is revealed.
Salem is adopted!
Wishing to discover their origin, Salem sets off with the aid of an enchanted book to discover their true self. Salem is joined by the help of a wanna-be cryptid photographer named Oliver, and Petra; a physic medium terrified of ghosts. With magical aid and plenty of energy drinks, the trio set off on a monster hunt.
TGL: What amount are you looking to achieve with the Kickstarter and how will it impact SALEM?
SS: Animation is expensive. short and sweet! There are a lot of different parts and gears that go into creating the smooth animation you see on your screen. Animators, story board artists, revisionists, timers, effects, background artists, voice acting, editing, script writing, etc. With so many parts and people, animation can get quite expensive. That being said, in order to bring everyone quality, we have set our goal at $60,000. This amount will help us to create a SALEM that we know you all deserve!
TGL: Why did you choose to set up a Kickstarter?
SS: We wanted to create our first episode! Pitching and finding the correct network to house a show can take years. We didn’t want to keep people waiting, and so here we are!
TGL: What perks can backers expect to receive from supporting the Kickstarter?
SS: Quite a few! Along side helping to create the series, backers can expect to get quite a few fun rewards! Keychains, blankets, posters, pillows, bags, stickers, lanyards, etc! But on top of physical rewards, we also wanted to do experience rewards as well. Working with our Voice Over talent, we are working to create some very special and exclusive rewards and opportunities! Have you ever wanted to sit in with a voice recording?
Or what about attend a red carpet premiere? I can’t say them all yet so we don’t ruin the surprise, but we have some really awesome things planned! Rewards also vary in price range. We have exciting rewards for everyone from $15 all the way up to our ultimate Salem Experience at $10,000! So many options!

TGL: If the Kickstarter is fully funded, how long will it be until fans can see full SALEM content?
SS: Animation takes quite a bit of time to produce. We want to bring the amazing people out there a quality story as well as top notch animation. While it is hard to say when it may be finished, we can estimate it will be about a year before we have any finished animation. Physical rewards for the kickstarter however should ship within 3-4 months of the campaign closing.
TGL: If the Kickstarter gets funding that goes beyond the initial goal, how will it impact the production in interns of quality/speed/length etc.
SS: If our Kickstarter funds go beyond our initial goal, than that means we can put more time and energy into the show! That also means we can unlock some stretch goals we have! Each stretch goal will unlock another episode of the series. Want to see more of Salem? Help us not only fund an episode, but the series!
We are so excited to see more from The Salem Series and watch fans help support the Kickstarter when it comes out on 10/15! Be sure to follow them on all social media to stay up to date!
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