The Geek Lyfe Interviews ½ of the Dynamic Duo Behind Lasers & Liches

Rob recently got the chance to catch up with Chris Lock, one of the masterminds behind Lasers & Liches, whose Kickstarter went 200% funded in just 5 hours. Let’s see what makes “the Lord of the Multiverse” tick.   The Geek Lyfe: For starters, thank you so much for being here! Do you feel more comfortable with me calling you “Chris” or “Snickelsox”? Which do you prefer? C...[Read More]

Interview: Soul Purpose Designs

Interview: Soul Purpose Designs So today I have some really cool folks to show you! They are the owners of Soul Purpose Designs and they focus on creating incredible clothing, some of which are inspired by geeky themes while all of them have a heavy influence of hip hop. Admittedly, I had no idea who they were until they reached out to me but I am so glad they did because they have some pretty dop...[Read More]

Castlevania Revived On Kickstarter

Castlevania Revived On Kickstarter Earlier today a Kickstarter launched, it’s goal was $500,000 in a month’s time. In the span of a few short hours it has reached over $1,000,000. What is this Kickstarter? None other than Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night made by Koji Igarashi aka IGA. His design touch is iconic with games such as Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow and Super Metroid...[Read More]

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