Interview with HazelNuttyGames at Blizzcon 2019!

During Blizzcon I got to not only meet but also interview my favorite World of Warcraft content creator, HazelNuttyGames! We’ve written articles on her in the past, hyping her in whatever way we can, so this was really exciting to get to do!

Admittedly, I was nervous in every sense of the world to meet her. Over the course of 7 years, I’ve interviewed award-winning actors, musicians, cosplayers, and more but this one interview got to me! Thankfully the interview went off without a hitch and she was such a great interview.

If you are unfamiliar with HazelNuttyGames, she is a content creator that focuses on World of Warcraft in her Twitch streams and YouTube videos. She often can be found spending quality time with her community while she hunts for mounts and making raid guides to help guilds get through the toughest of raids!

Watch When You Find Out The Brutosaur is More Than Just an AH from HazelNuttyGames on

What I appreciate most about hazel is the fact that she is a legit fan of World of Warcraft, just like many of us are. Watching her videos and live streams make me feel like I am watching a homie live their best life and do what they love. In turn that makes me want to play games as well and have a good time without any drama or bad vibes. You can’t help but feel good after watching a few videos and the world definitely needs more content like hers!

In our interview, we talked about life, content creation, how to handle difficult situations and so much more! We hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to check out HazelNuttyGame’s videos and streams!

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