Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay

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Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay


Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay

For this week’s The Geek Lyfe member spotlight, we focus on none other than Madam Geek! After I, Darth Mexican, added Spocktopus to the party things went really well for a while until both of us found ourselves rather exhausted from all the comments, messages, articles, and so much more. So! We searched for our third member and came across Madam Geek who was originally from Nerds Do It Better. Nerds Do It Better, or NDIB for short, is a page that has over 300,000 likes and each post gets thousands upon thousands of comments and likes. Unfortunately, the management of NDIB grew too busy in their normal lives to help with the page and the stress/weight of everything ate away at Madam Geek. She responded to every comment, posted multiple times a day and monitored for trolls/bullies on a regular basis. She was brimming with ideas for ways on how to improve the page but could not get access to the proper tools.

I knew all of this was going on and offered her to come on board with The Geek Lyfe, she resisted for a while due to such a huge difference in likes from the two pages yet I promised her that although today we(The Geek Lyfe) are small, each day we’ll grow larger and larger. She finally accepted my offer and came on board to assist with being an editor for articles, networking with her old contacts, helping out with conventions. When she transitioned over to us, a flood of her fans came as well, displaying just how influential she was. She is seriously an asset to the team!

Not to mention she is a fiend at Mario Kart, is insane at Minecraft, a die hard Gear of War fan, loves dogs, can rap to Nerdcore as though she was on stage in front of thousands and so much more!

But enough on her story! Madam Geek loves to both craft and cosplay, here are just a sample of what she has done over the years!

One of the most baffling things I find about this incredible woman is that she honestly believes she is a nobody. Which is quite silly when the world loves her and appreciates all the things she does for followers, staff, friends, and family. I constantly have to assure her that she is amazing and try to encourage her to be more open with all of her projects. She does a ton of great things but thinks none of them are worthy enough to be shown. I’ll never stop building her confidence and it is such a blessing to have her on our team!

Stay tuned for more spotlights on the Admins of The Geek Lyfe in the near future! 

Darth Mexican
Darth Mexican loves writing, his friends, and all things geeky. While there is so much trouble in the world, Darth aims to bring a bit of joy and good vibes to the table! He owns and operates The Geek Lyfe and is constantly coming up with new ideas that'll help the community!

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    I love cosplay, my mom said I should grow up but she doesn’t understand that it is my way of expressing my self-esteem. I also wanted to learn how to craft my own costume. I am busy as of the moment writing for brain activity but as soon as I finish this, I’ll dig in making my craft, thanks for the inspiration!


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