Powerful Women

Rest In Peace: Carrie Fisher

Rest In Peace: Carrie Fisher Yesterday, December 27th 2016, it was announced to the world that we lost one of geekdom’s most cherished actors: Carrie Fisher. Her most memorable role was of Princess Leia from the Star Wars films, many geeks fell in love with the princess not due to her good looks, no every woman is beautiful, but it was her independence and driven attitude that caught the hea...[Read More]

Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay

Madam Geek: Crafts And Cosplay For this week’s The Geek Lyfe member spotlight, we focus on none other than Madam Geek! After I, Darth Mexican, added Spocktopus to the party things went really well for a while until both of us found ourselves rather exhausted from all the comments, messages, articles, and so much more. So! We searched for our third member and came across Madam Geek who was or...[Read More]

5 Powerful Mothers

 5 Powerful Mothers In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve thrown together a list of 5 powerful mothers from various geek media! Tyranid Tervigon Nothing says powerful like being able to spawn a horde of blood thirsty Termagants! The Tervigon is a motherly terror in the Warhammer 40k universe.  The Tervigon is a massive creature, with a towering spined carapace that shields a swollen abdomen. ...[Read More]

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