SALEM Kickstarter: Lets Support the Homies! Days Left to Help!


Ladies and Gentlemen I have exciting news! Our dear friend, Sincerely Sam has raised over 85% on her Kickstarter for her new animated series, SALEM!

If you have no idea what SALEM is:

S.A.L.E.M. (the Secret Archives of Legends, Enchantments, and Monsters) takes place in a small province nestled deep in the woods of West Virginia called “Hollow Watch”. Known for its paranormal and cryptic phenomena, it’s a hot spot for all things unknown. Hollow Watch rests right along a dense forest that has long been rumored to be home to mysterious creatures.

After discovering they were adopted, Salem must set out to find who they really are… or… What they really are. With the help of a wise enchanted book, and a couple of unbelievable friends, the journey ahead seems more exciting than ever!

Sincerely Sam has been working night and day on her dream project and is so close to achieving the dream of her very own animated series. We got to interview he early on about what supporters can expect by helping fund the series!

TGL: What perks can backers expect to receive from supporting the Kickstarter?
SS: Quite a few! Along side helping to create the series, backers can expect to get quite a few fun rewards! Keychains, blankets, posters, pillows, bags, stickers, lanyards, etc! But on top of physical rewards, we also wanted to do experience rewards as well. Working with our Voice Over talent, we are working to create some very special and exclusive rewards and opportunities! Have you ever wanted to sit in with a voice recording?
Or what about attend a red carpet premiere? I can’t say them all yet so we don’t ruin the surprise, but we have some really awesome things planned! Rewards also vary in price range. We have exciting rewards for everyone from $15 all the way up to our ultimate Salem Experience at $10,000! So many options!

TGL: If the Kickstarter is fully funded, how long will it be until fans can see full SALEM content?

SS: Animation takes quite a bit of time to produce. We want to bring the amazing people out there a quality story as well as top-notch animation. While it is hard to say when it may be finished, we can estimate it will be about a year before we have any finished animation. Physical rewards for the Kickstarter, however, should ship within 3-4 months of the campaign closing.

Be sure to check it out and help out! SALEM will absolutely be fantastic you’ll want to see come to life. All it takes is just a bit of money from a lot of good folks and we can make it a reality!

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Chicano | Fighting/Writing for Diversity | DM since 08 | Anime Lover | Site: | | |

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