Interview: Anthony Piper, the Creator of Trill League

Interview: Anthony Piper, the Creator of Trill League I have always been a huge fan of comic books as they are a cornerstone of geek culture with legends such as Wonder Woman, Spider man, Batman, Superman, and so many others. Of DC and Marvel, I must say that I do heavily favor the work of DC Comics more so than Marvel due to such vibrant villains like The Joker,  Lex Luther, Darkseid, Sinestro. H...[Read More]

Fantasy Horse Racing: The Ultimate Showdown

Fantasy Horse Racing: The Ultimate Showdown “Who are you anyhow?” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Michel Krämer Here at The Geek Lyfe we love pondering the what ifs and escaping to fantasy worlds where the rules of reality hold no weight. Whether that means indulging in a bit of cosplay and fighting fictional crime bosses in our own homes or arguing over which interstellar spacecraft, the Millennium...[Read More]

Feature: AZ Eventure

Feature:  AZ Eventure I have said it time and again that I am a huge fan of Jesse James and his comic book store. I’ve been a loyal customer of his for years and have never had a bad experience. Imagine my interest when I found out that he was directly involved in a small convention by the name of AZ Eventure Con that featured full blown cosplayers, artists, writers, and more. Not only was this a ...[Read More]

Top 5: How to Select A Comic Book Shop.

One Store to Rule Them All! Nestled among antique shops and various ma and pa eateries in downtown Glendale, Arizona is an oasis of geeky goodness. Such a lofty description may seem like flowery praise to some, but to those of us who know the struggle of finding a comic book haven to call our own know the words are very apropos. The store in question is called Drawn to Comics and you may have gues...[Read More]

A Fond Farewell To Critical Threat Comics

A Fond Farewell To Critical Threat Comics We are sad to announce a local comic book and gaming store by the name of Critical Threat Comics is closing their doors for the last time. This information was released on their Facebook page on December 15th: Hello everyone. This is Jess, one of the two original owners of Critical Threat Comics. You may have seen me around, or seen my signature on a lot o...[Read More]

Review: Wondercon 2016

Review: Wondercon 2016 2016 was the first time I got to go to WonderCon located in Los Angeles at the convention center. Originally, I had not planned on going because I thought I would never in a million years get a press pass for such a large convention. with only a couple weeks before the event, I received the email that we had been approved and I spent almost ever bit of money I had to fly ove...[Read More]

Top Five Comics for New Comic Readers

Top Five Comics for New Comic Readers So you want to start reading comics, eh? First off, welcome! Welcome to the wonderful, rich and vibrant world of comic books and graphic novels. That glorious world, though, can be intimidating to someone who only so far has danced along the fringes of it. Going to your local comic book store is a daunting experience for someone just dipping their toes into th...[Read More]

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua

Artist Interview: Rick Basaldua At Amazing Arizona Comic Con I met with a good amount of artists hoping to sell their wares to fellow geeks looking for that perfect piece of art  to decorate their walls. Many of their work differed in terms of quality, style, genre and price. Among those artists, there was one that stood out above the rest in my eyes and his name was Rick Basaldua! Basaldua is act...[Read More]

Why Do You Still Read Comics?

Why Do You Still Read Comics? Like any other kid, my brother hated reading and just like any good sister, I loved it because I wanted to show our dad I was the “good kid.” In an ingenious move, our uncle gave my brother some comic books which easily became the lesser of two evils for him. He was reading, yes, but there were pictures, fighting – and perhaps the real kicker here – it was about chara...[Read More]

Super Heroes arrive at The Heard Museum

Super Heroes arrive at The Heard Museum  The Heard Museum is a beautiful place which displays fascinating exhibits year round. However, the newest addition appeals to geeks of all ages and cultures. Though familiar faces such as Batman, Green Lantern and even Spider-Man are present, this exhibit takes a look at the spectacular creations of Native American super heroes, as well as their influences....[Read More]

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing!

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing! Hey everyone! Spocktopus here with the unboxing of the very first Marvel Collector Corps!! This box’s theme was Age of Ultron! Wondering if you should subscribe to this box? Take a look at my video and see what’s inside this month’s box to help you decide. *Spoiler Alert* YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BOX* Click here to subscribe to Marvel Collecto...[Read More]

Review: Murder Me Dead

Review: Murder Me Dead Holy balls was this a good read. I can’t recommend “Murder Me Dead” enough. I stumbled upon this book by accident. I’d never heard of it and hadn’t previously read anything by David Lapham. I walked into a comic book store in Mesa intending to get a number of other comics, but ended up leaving with “Murder Me Dead”, something the affable cashier had suggested after talking/a...[Read More]

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