Spocktopus: Woman Of A Dozen Faces

Spocktopus: Woman Of A Dozen Faces 2nd in command for Starship Geek Lyfe, Spocktopus is awesome incarnate. She loves all things geeky and has no problem letting the world know. Checking her bank account, you may be surprised by just how much of her finances goes to video games, various geeky box services, anime, manga, seasons of TV shows and so much more. Her passion far exceeds just being a spec...[Read More]

Embrace Your Geekiness: Tales of a Geek

In celebration of Embrace Your Geekiness day, a few Geek Lyfe writers took time out of their busy video game schedule to write about their favorite geeky moments! Spocktopus Hello everyone and a happy Embrace Your Geek Day to you! 😀For my geeky moment I’d like to share with you the tale of my very first Star Trek convention! Suprsingly I am a fairly new Trekkie (lol)! I had been raised aroun...[Read More]

Nerd Block Unboxing-March Edition

Nerd Block Unboxing-March Edition Hi everyone!! 😀 My name is Spocktopus and I am an admin for the Geek Lyfe website and Facebook page! This is my very first unboxing video and I hope you all enjoy it. I really love Nerd Block and couldn’t wait to see what was in store! This video includes special guest Toki Wartooth (my cat) in the background!! XD If you are interested in finding more geeky ...[Read More]

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