The Best Android Games for Geeks – Whatever Your Preferred Genre

PUBG Mobile
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Mobile gaming is a phenomenon that is not going to go away. Every month, the developers churn out more and more mobile games and release them to an unsuspecting public via the various app stores. Soon every single one of us will have a smartphone, and the only real decision is what sort to choose.

Of course Apple is the company that invented the whole smartphone concept. iOS is still the frontrunner platform, and the app store gets most of the big releases first. However, there are those who argue that the latest Samsung phones are even better.

It’s also the case that anything that appears on iOS becomes available on Android so soon afterwards, that it really doesn’t make any difference. To prove the point, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular Android games for geeks that you can install right now.

Best adventure game – Oceanhorn

This game was described by one magazine as a “candlelit shrine to the Legend of Zelda” so if you are a Zelda fan, this is definitely one to download. The story is compelling, the controls are simple, and in many respects it is good, old fashion top-down fun. What can be better than setting off, Frodo-like, on a heroic journey?

Best action game – Hungry Dragon

You know where you are with games from Ubisoft. They are simple to play, but with impressive attention to detail and they are usually hard to put down. The concept here is simple enough. To keep your adorable dragon plump and happy he needs food. The birds and spiders and things will barely touch the surface, but those nice juicy humans….. If you played Hungry Shark, you will know what to expect, but by taking to the air, this follow-up is far less constricted and you have a whole world to explore – and eat.

Best racing game – Real Racing 3

Look at games like Gran Turismo on console and you might think this is one genre where mobile games can’t come close. Install Real Racing 3 on your Android and be proved wrong. The array of cars, upgrades, tracks and special tournaments available is simply breathtaking, as is the attention to detail in both the cars and their driving characteristics. There are great social gaming aspects, in that you can join teams or try to beat friends in single lap times challenges. It’s not just the best racing game on mobile – it is arguably the best racing game period.

Best first person shooter – PUBG Mobile

This one is a tougher call. Nova 3 and Call of Duty: Strike Team are both popular, but the award has to go to PUBG. It was the game that propelled Brendan Greene from being just another gaming geek to fabulous wealth. But after its immense success as a console game, who would have imagined it would be free to download and just as good – if not better – to play on Android? As we said earlier, mobile gaming is here to stay. And that can only be good news for us all.

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