Game On Expo

Game On Expo: A Guide for Non-Gamers

 Believe it or not, there are self-identifying geeks and nerds that don’t religiously play video games. Shocking, I know.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the fun!  Game On Expo is a gathering of streamers, competitors, and hobbyists alike. While many of the attendees have a relatively vast knowledge base of games, console history, or even binders full of gaming cards, others come ...[Read More]

Game On Expo 2017 Was Bigger And Better! (Review)

Game On Expo 2017 Was Bigger And Better! (Review) Game On Expo is a convention that takes place in Arizona that used to take place in Mesa at the Mesa Convention Center but moved to Downtown Phoenix for a bigger facility in the Phoenix Convention Center. This is one of my favorite events in the year because you can tell the organizers have a huge love for video games and gamers. Every year that I ...[Read More]

Game On Expo Skit: Darth Mexican vs The World

Game On Expo Skit: Darth Mexican vs The World One convention we always look out for every year is Game On Expo which takes place in Phoenix, Arizona! We could go on and on about how wonderful the event is but we will save that for our actual review of the event! For now, we wanted to show you a skit we did at Game On Expo that involves some of our favorite homies! I, Darth Mexican, decided it was ...[Read More]

Review: Game On Expo 2016

Review: Game On Expo 2016 Game On Expo held in the Mesa, Arizona Convention Center is one of my all time favorite conventions in the valley. While it may not be the largest convention in our sunny state, it has charm with it’s focus on all things video games which is a great break up from the typical comic book and anime conventions. Last year we had the chance to go to it’s first ever...[Read More]

The Comicon Hustle

The Comicon Hustle Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that I would take able bodies and travel Arizona for as many geeky convention we could find. Sure enough we gathered our photographers, writers, backups and charged every convention we could find! When I started my conquest I was but a humble geek with an indie blog who was far too shy to approach most vendors and cosplayers for inter...[Read More]

Review: Game On Expo 2015

Review: Game On Expo 2015 This year we here at Geek Lyfe have taken on the challenge of trying to attend every geeky convention in Arizona and cover it for our blog to help give everyone their just exposure! Everyone here knows of Phoenix Comic Con and how massive it is but not many really know everything Arizona has to offer. Game On Expo was a gaming convention specifically for video games, whic...[Read More]

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