Review: Game Grumps – Bloodborne

Review: Game Grumps – Bloodborne This is our latest set of reviews where we take Game Grumps/Steam Train/Grumpcade episodes and review them to make it easier for fans of Game Grumps to know which ones are must watch(Dog Island) and which ones they can live without seeing(Hotline Miami). I hope you enjoy our reviews, we watch every single episode in the series before we write our thoughts and...[Read More]

True Detective Review/Recap S02E04

“Sometimes your worst self is your best self.” -Frank Semyon Okay… So we all know that episode 4 is when last season REALLY began to pick up the pace and the same can be said for this season. BECAUSE HOLY CRAP THAT SHOOTOUT!!!! *ahem* Let’s talk about some other things that happened in this episode before we get to that. The facts and coincidences really begin to stack up i...[Read More]

Review: Transistor

Review: Transistor Quite some time ago I played a game called Bastion without any knowledge of the plot or reviews. I was blown away by the game in so many ways, from their robust combat system to the deep plot lines that will leave you filled with emotion. Supergiant Games is to thank for such an amazing game. After beating it, I went on to other games, replayed Bastion a few times and generally ...[Read More]

True Detective S02E03 Recap/Review

“Where is this?” -Ray Velcoro Hey everyone! Spocktopus here with this week’s True Detective recap! I apologize that last week I wasn’t able to write a review! I was in Carcosa doing some cleaning for the Yellow King… Anyways MAN. What a relief. I know that many people were disappointed that Ray did not die after last week’s shooting, however I was very glad. Ray...[Read More]

Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 3

Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Many times we fans see our favorite shows get green-lit for multiple seasons and we both cheer for joy and at the same time seized by a fear that it may get worse and we’d have to see something we love struggle for years to end with dignity, the Simpsons may never get the sweet release of death. So when it was announced that after the smash success of...[Read More]

True Detective S02E01 Recap/Review

True Detective Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Review! True Detective S02E01 Recap/Review “I welcome judgement.” -Ray Velcoro …And judge it we shall! Welcome everyone to the Geek Lyfe’s weekly True Detective recap! If you know me you are well aware of the love I have for True Detective. Once it was announced that there would be a season 2 of the critically acclaimed show I could barely contain myself...[Read More]

Destiny: The Legend so far…

Destiny: The Legend so far… Destiny is a MMO/FPS/RPG hybrid, released by Bungie back in September 2014.  It was released to a mixed review, this mostly due to the lack of certain story and gameplay elements that were assumed to be in the final release.  While it’s had it has had its ups and downs, in terms of feedback from its player base, Destiny has continued to evolve itself into the game that ...[Read More]

Review: Murder Me Dead

Review: Murder Me Dead Holy balls was this a good read. I can’t recommend “Murder Me Dead” enough. I stumbled upon this book by accident. I’d never heard of it and hadn’t previously read anything by David Lapham. I walked into a comic book store in Mesa intending to get a number of other comics, but ended up leaving with “Murder Me Dead”, something the affable cashier had suggested after talking/a...[Read More]

Getting Lost: Rogue Legacy Review

Getting Lost: Rogue Legacy Review As I’m sure most of you have picked up from my past articles, I like to play games for nostalgia’s sake. I love the feeling of being whisked back to my childhood through gameplay, remembering the good ole times of sitting back and playing to my heart’s content. I am constantly searching for more and more games that can do this, and so my list of ...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm

  The Geek Lyfe Podcast Episode 2: Heroes of the Storm This week Darth Mexican drags Madam Geek into this podcast to talk shop about MOBAs! More specifically Heroes of the Storm! Check out the opinion of someone who whores them self out to all MOBAs(Darth Mexican) and someone who just learned that running into 4 enemy heroes with no mana and no health of her own is a terrible idea. We’r...[Read More]

Bro Night: Double Dragon Neon Review

Bro Night: Double Dragon Neon Review Bro Nights have been a long standing tradition among friends. It’s a night you look forward to all week, the night you get to just sit back and have fun. It’s the bond between you and your bros that makes it so special, and Bro Nights only highlight and strengthen that bond. There are many games you can play during Bro Night, but there is one game t...[Read More]

Netflix Does It Again: Daredevil Review

  Netflix does it again: Daredevil Review It has been quite sometime since we last saw Daredevil in live action goodness. We haven’t see the defender of Hell’s Kitchen since February 14, 2003 with good ol Ben Affleck taking on the role. It seemed to be another Batman and Robin situation where at the wee age of 13, both films were super rad because we had little else to compare the...[Read More]

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