The Rebirth of an Era: New Console Ultra Retron to Replace Nintendo 64

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The Rebirth of an Era: New Console Ultra Retron to Replace Nintendo 64

By Jessica Carlson aka Laughingpuffin

It’s 1996.

You just got home from school, grab some Gushers out of the pantry, plop down in front of the living room television set, and maybe watch a little bit of Dexter’s Laboratory or Hey Arnold.

The landline phone rings. You pick it up, and a few friends say they are coming over. Quickly, you change the channel on the TV to 3, and you pull out the latest and greatest gaming system of all time, to share with your friends.

The Nintendo 64.

It’s the system you could play for days. The whole 200-pound TV could fall on this marvel of technology, and it would still work just fine. The noise the cartridges would make when you switched them out was euphoria. And the games were out of this world. Super Mario 64 will likely go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time.

There is a point to this trip down memory lane…

You can relive all of this magic, one more time.

Andrew Steel, the project manager for Hyperkin Inc., released a preview of an emulator console on LinkedIn, called the Ultra Retron.

In his brief post, Steel says, “I’m really excited to offer you a sneak peek at this new prototype. It’s still in early development, but it’s solid enough to be eye-catching and perhaps a piece of the craziest news at this year’s E3.”

Nintendo 64 console fans will immediately see and understand all of the nostalgic bits on the Ultra Retron, that bring back those memories of 1996.

But there seems to be a few modern updates for today’s world, like a possible HDMI port on the back, what looks like a USB-C port, and the glowing Hyperlink logo.

Then, of course, shown are the 4 controller ports, a cartridge port, power switch, and a reset button.

Now, despite the fact that this will be debuted at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week, fans are still curious as to what the prototype would come with, if made available to the public.

All we know, is that it is time to pull out some old boxes, and start searching for all of our Nintendo 64 games.

E3 takes place next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, starting Tuesday.

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