Wild Bangarang’s Badass and Comfy Geek Gear

Here at The Geek Lyfe, it’s no secret we love high quality (but subtle) geek gear. If you catch us in the wild we are often donned from head to foot in our favorite fandom apparel. When we heard of Wild Bangarang, we couldn’t help but want to try some out for ourselves! Wild Bangarang is a UK based company who specializes in leggings and workout apparel, each with their own geeky flair. There is something for everyone on their site (they even carry kids’ sizing!), and I had the pleasure of receiving some of their wares! I had a hard time deciding on just one pair to try, but ultimately chose the Geekweave Mecha Leggings because of their versatility.

The Pros:

Any of the Wild Bangarang leggings can be dressed up or down and look downright awesome in photos. They are definitely head turners and have loads of detail in all of their designs. Did I mention they’re comfy? These are definitely the softest printed leggings I have ever owned by far. Usually the fabrics used in these types of garments are stiff and uncomfortable to lounge in, but these are nearly pajama-level comfy. I was a bit worried when I first opened the package because they looked a small in the waistband area, but the second I put them on they stretched and hugged me like a dream. I have several pairs of printed leggings from brands other than Wild Bangarang that I have worn one time and then shoved in my closet to collect dust.These bad boys will definitely get some mileage.

The Cons:

No garment is perfect for everyone, and I did have my share of concerns about these leggings out the gate. The first thing I noticed after how perfectly these leggings fit me was how see-through they are. As long as you wear sensible undergarments, you should be just fine to strut around in these without worry.

Another thing I noticed after a while is that they started to stretch out and slide a bit. This particular design has an armor motif, so it looked a bit funky to have the knee parts nearly at my mid-shin when I was walking around. I had to adjust them several times throughout the day to make sure all the patterns were where they should be.

Additionally, I noticed they were a bit long in the legs. This could be seen as a pro or a con, however! All in all, I am super happy with this find!

The Verdict:

I will definitely be a return customer to Wild Bangarang! They have tons of officially licensed apparel ranging fandoms from Overwatch to Lord of the Rings. Psst..they even have great leggings for cosplay too. I definitely recommend Wild Bangarang to anyone looking to spice up their nerdy wardrobe for the new year!

Photos by Courtex Studios!

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